1. RockOn-Dj-Lionel

    Podcast Culture / iRadio Listeners

    Hi there, my name is Lionel. I'm here to present our radiostation called Rock On Online Radio We are a group of old farts drained from the past sewage system of rock from acid of the 60's and bell bottomed soul of the 70's to nowadays crappy pop music but with well crafted hits. Started just a...
  2. Ratnest Media Group

    Ratnest Radio is currently looking for presenters!

    Don't let our name fool you, the rat in this context is the animal :) Ratnest is an upcoming interned radio station specializing in popular modern music, electronica, indie/alternative, hip-hop, rock and whatever that could be considered music, really. Our goal is to build an online community...
  3. Tyler Brooker

    [EDM Artist] Hey! You got a moment?

    Hey guys! My name's Tyler, I'm an independent EDM artist studying stuff at uni, and like most other artists I struggle to get myself heard. Whenever I try to promote my stuff I usually get turned down because of rules against advertising and 'dropping a link and running', which is irritating but...