Presenters and syndicated shows wanted for NSW Australia locally based, volunteer, internet radio station based on the Central Coast of NSW..


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Hi Everyone,

This is a rapidly growing, progressive internet radio station. Regrettably, I am having difficulty sourcing radio shows and presenters in good old Aus, which is a shame as I love local content. Never-the-less as we are heard globally as well as nationally we are looking for quality content from people who love to entertain an audience and have a passion for music. All you need to know about the radio station can be found on our website- see link above logo. If any of you would like to discuss opportunities please feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards
Angelika Koop- Co Founder/Station Manager
Tel +61 0410 096 780


Hi Angelika

I replied to your enquiry via my website.

Delighted you're keen to take my show and I have replied by email.

Please check your spam/junk folder.

Thanks and regards.

Ian D


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Hi Ian,

I received your email thank you and welcome you on board with Central Coast Radio. Please check your emails for my reply. Again thank you
Angelika Koop

Billy Camino

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Hi Angelika, happy 2023. Congrats on your Station. Do you accept Pre-Recorded Shows? Mine is a 2-Hour weekly, Family Friendly, Oldies Theme Mix, with much silly Humor. Coincidentally, I have been with another New South Wales Station, until they vanished. Thank you. Billy C in Arizona.