Questions about number of available stations and Roberts Stream 831 v Pure Oneflow

I have bought a Roberts wifi radio

Glad I held off buying a Roberts 83i because Last FM withdrew its subscription-based radio streaming on 28 April. I guess this is why Roberts brought out the 93i - but I've just purchased a new (but long obselete) WM201 with Roberts 1 year warranty for £100 - bargain.

A friend told me about 2 stations he could get on the 83i I bought him, which uses the Frontier Silicon portal, but they weren't listed on the 201. After sending e-mail forms to Receiva, 24 hours later the stations were available on my 201. Excellent service!

It is unbelievable that an online trader is asking £171 for the obselete 83i when the RRP of the 93i is £150 - and it comes with a free 2 year warranty when purchased from a very well regarded UK department store!
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