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My name is Treubig (true-big) and I do a talk show! I primary do comedy but other more serious topics get thrown in once in a while. I am releasing my shows for anyone who wants to broadcast them. I have made a page on my website where you can find all the resources you need to broadcast and/or display my radio show on your radio station and/or website. I will update with more code and alerts as time goes on.

Feel free to log into my site and introduce yourself in the chat room! You are free to post and use anything available on the site. I host all the technology I use for broadcasting online and I share it with my site users. This includes allowing users to broadcast in audio and video.

Send me an email or reply to this post if you decide to use my content. I will give you a shout-out on the air. Feel free to email me any questions, comments and concerns you may have. Have a great day!


Resource Page:

Show Samples:

The Unexpected

Best Of FAF: The Argument!

World Series Pumpkin Tits (Jacob From Hawaii #3)