Setting up the Auto DJ (Centova Cast v2)

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    The AutoDJ feature gives you the ability to upload your music to your server and have the server broadcast your station 24 / 7.

    Make sure your mp3's are the same bitrate.

    All your mp3's must have the same bitrate / samplerate / channels otherwise your listeners will have a problem as most players do not support mixed bitrate / samplerate streams. You can do this by loading all your mp3's up into sourceforge or audacity and converting them to the same bitrate / samplerate / channels before you upload. Use the same bitrate / channels you would when you stream live to avoid the problem of users who stay connected when you activate and deactivate your Auto DJ.

    Upload your mp3's.

    To upload you mp3's to the server you need to use an FTP client. A good free FTP client to use is FileZilla. Download and install it.

    After you run FileZilla you can input your Host / Username / Password (leave the port blank, or 21).

    Host = (or uk2, uk3, uk4 or us1).
    Username = Same as control panel.
    Password = Same as control panel.

    Once connected you must navigate into the 'media' directory. Then send across all your mp3 music to the 'media' directory only.

    Control Panel Configuration.

    Once you have uploaded your files you need to go into the control panel and stop your server. Next go into Configuration / Auto DJ tab and enable the source. You will notice new 'Media Library' and 'Playlist' options in the menu. Click 'Media Library' and click 'Update Media Library' you should then see your mp3's you uploaded. Organise the media by dragging it into the playlists on the left then 'Return to control panel'. You must have at least one playlist containing MP3's before you can enable the Auto DJ.

    Once all this is done you can deactivate / activate the source (autodj) as required when you have live streams etc...


    Advanced Users : If you require a way to activate and deactivate the Auto DJ remotely you can do this by configuring and installing the attached PHP script below. Once configured with your access details upload it to your website and it will create a way for your DJ's to turn off / on the Auto DJ when they start / finish their live show.

    We have now added a new guide for setting up the AutoDJ and the new AutoDJ 'File Manager' in the Centova Cast v3 control panel.

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    Also another good point would be that for the Auto DJ to work, You need at least 1 general rotation playlist otherwise you will encounter problems. I.E - Your auto DJ will not activate.
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    Good Point. I will update the Guide. Thanks!

  4. InterDJNetwork

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    No Problems! .... That's what the forums for right!
  5. Support

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    You got it ;)

  6. Neo2100

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    Auto DJ


    Ive done what it says at top to do with my auto dj but im not getting and media libray or playlist appear in my menu :( any ideas??
  7. Support

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    Hi Neo2100

    We would enable it for you but you are live now and we dont want to disturb your stream. There was a slight error in the order of one of the steps above which has been corrected. Heres the next thing you need to do to get the media library / playlist :

    Let us know how you get on.

  8. Neo2100

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    Auto DJ

    Source as in where the MP3 files are stored? cos im confused this is my first shoucast
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    Source as in 'Configure Server' > 'Auto DJ' > 'Auto DJ Status'. Ive just checked and it seems your Auto DJ is enabled.

    We also had a look at the bitrates of the mp3's you have uploaded and most of them seem to be 128kbps which is fine but there are a few that are different. You need to make sure that all your music is the same bitrate / samplerate / channels otherwise your listeners might hear the music speed up or slow down as it progresses from one track to the next.

  10. Neo2100

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    :| How the heck ya install that onto a website
  11. Support

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    Do you mean the Auto DJ php script (advanced users) ? or Do you mean put some 'tune in' links for your listeners to click on so they can listen to your radio ?
  12. Neo2100

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    Right ive put the auto dj script onto my website filled in all the details but when i try it and type in the dj pass and click start auto dj it comes up "Request failed: Invalid username or password" ive changed details many times and there not doin anythink any ideas?

  13. Support

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    Hi Neo2100

    Please email a copy of your php script with your settings entered to and we will check it out for you.

  14. djmike

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    Auto DJ

    Can we use this useing any software or streamng service or is this for only one streaming service?


  15. Support

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    This system only works for our internet radio system.
  16. HoddzDJ

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    Something that hasn't been answered here is with regards to the 'remote control' page that DJs have access to. When you stop the Auto DJ, is it then stopped until someone starts it again or does it re-start after so many minutes if no-one connects to the stream?

    If it does stay disconnected, maybe it would be a good feature to *try* and add an 'auto re-connect' so you don't have to re-start it manually. That way, as soon as the DJ has finished their show, the auto DJ will re-connect and bam!!
  17. HoddzDJ

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    You can use it with any company, so long as you alter the settings and they have the same control panel (Centova Cast) that iR use!! If you are going to use it with a different company though, you may wish to check they do have Centova Cast installed as their control panel!!
  18. Support

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    Icecast servers have a feature that allow a transition between Live and Auto DJ stream automatically in the form of using a fallback mount. Which is a really nice feature.
  19. HoddzDJ

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    Okay folks, I have noticed a big flaw with the script!! It's a bit confusing to be quite honest with you, and I have figured it out for myself and tested it and it works. I must admit mine wasn't kicking the autoDJ with the settings I originally put in but it is now with my updated settings.
    There are two settings that you must look out for, and I will pick them both out and explain what to do with them below.

    // Enter the password for the stream to control (or leave blank and specify
    // $admin_password below).
    $stream_password = 'panel-password';
    Here you must enter the password to access your panel, to make any changes to your server.

    // If you are the administrator of the Centova Cast server, you can
    // alternately specify the Centova Cast 'admin' password here (leaving 
    // $stream_password  blank above)
    $admin_password = '';
    Leave this one blank, it is not needed.

    Now there many be confusion here, because I though that $admin_password would be my Admin Password for the server (to change settings on the panel) and then leave the $stream_password blank!!

    Hopefully that will clear some problems up that some of you may be having, I feel this should be added in the guide at the top of the page, it is valuable information in my eyes.
  20. Support

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    Thanks for pointing this out Ben :)

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