SMS messages from listeners


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Hi all,

I'm James, the creator of Broadcast Launch. I made this software after working for a community radio station. They used an old Nokia 3310 to receive SMS messages from listeners, and used one computer in-studio to aggregate their listener interactions via social media. Let's just say presenting a show was a bit of a nightmare when it came to accepting song requests or running a competition!

So I decided to create Broadcast Launch and bring all communication methods (SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter) into one handy user interface. It's simple, easy to use and can be installed in a radio station within minutes. Best of all, it's low cost and requires no hardware or software as it runs in any modern web browser. We have over 40 internet radio stations and over 20 community stations in the US, UK and Australia using our platform to communicate with their listeners. So why not try us out?

We are affordable for internet radio stations and allow you to receive SMS messages from your listeners + a whole lot more!

Head to the website to find out more:

Thanks! :)