Some Widgets not Appearing on Start page (trial account)


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Anyone know why the Recent Tracks and On-Demand Tracks widgets don't show up on the Start page, even though I have them set to Yes?

(this is a trial account, btw)


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Hi brothwel,

The start pages only display the now playing information, tune-in links, Google maps and Facebook comments section. The 'Widgets' are for adding into your own personal website, not the start page in our directories.


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Ummm.... I am not speaking of the full list of widgets where you can copy the code snippets.... There are some choices in the Settings area that APPEAR you can set them to Yes or No for display in what appears to be for the Start page.

One is for the Google Map widget, which DOES seem to work, but there is also a choice to set Recent Tracks to Yes, and On-demand Tracks to Yes.