Stream your station live via your Facebook page


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Hi all,

We've developed a new feature that allows you to stream your radio station live from your Facebook Page and also show the 'Now Playing' and 'Recently Played' songs.

The Facebook Radio Player Plugin appears as a tab on your existing radio stations Facebook Page and allows you to stream directly to your Facebook page.
  • Features include:
  • Customize colours and fonts.
  • Choose the type of player you’d like to show.
  • Decide whether to autoplay the audio stream on load.
  • Decide whether to include adverts (to monetize your Facebook page!).
  • Show Social Media icons.
  • Show 'But this song' icons. (Monetize your page with Amazon and iTunes affiliate links)
  • Configure how many ‘Recently Played’ songs to display.
  • Compatible with most MP3 and AAC streams from most platforms.
  • Include custom text.
You can check out what it looks like here and there is more info on our website here.



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What I did was use shout cast hosting for my 128Kbps stream that has an html5 widget, then use my internet-radio for my 320Kbps stream for the media player links. There is no advantage past 128Kbps, and I chose that because phones slow down to that speed on those "unlimited but limited" data plans.