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Exposure please.

I am an individual who would like you to be involved in a new music chapter of my life where I need to go to the next level.

With your kindest help I could become the next big thing.

In short, I have been producing for some years as a hobbie, however - now it seems to be getting to a point where it needs to be going somewhere. I have had experience of being on the radio with my earlier tracks productions which have featured on a show hosted by a DJ called DJ NatLive on a Dance Radio Slot provided by WiganFM in the UK. I will always be grateful to the DJ just mentioned.

Without further-ado I will provide you with a link here [ ] whereby you'll be transferred to my SoundCloud page hosting the track.

The track and my title is called:

Ben Wilkinson - This Record Is For The Dearie 'in the' (Extended Version) ** I do have other versions e.g Radio Edit, Original Version if you'd prefer a shortened edit for the Radio Play? **

I am available here to contact or you can reach me on Twitter

[at] Real_Wilkinson

Or you can ask for my Email Contact here too.

Thank you for your time and look forward to any feedback. Im hoping my track **The Extened Versio could get played on 19 May this would be an awesome Birthday Present.

Kindest Regards

Ben **RealWilkinson** Wilkinson
A New Trance Generation.