TruckStopRadio is Hiring Presenters and more!


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Passionate about Music and Simulation Games? Join Truck Stop Radio - Where The Music Comes Alive!

If you have a love for music and a special fondness for simulation games like Farming Simulators and Truck Simulators, look no further!

TSR's tunes resonate in various games, including Alaskan Truck Simulator, Farming Simulator, and a myriad of other simulation games (check out the complete list on our website). Rest assured, we hold PPL and PRS licensing to keep the beats rolling.

And guess what? We're on the lookout for new presenters!

With the magic of online broadcasting, you can be the voice in everyone's ears, all from the cozy confines of your own home. The requirements are simple:

Minimum age of 16, but preferably 18+
Clear and fluent English communication
Quality working microphone
Broadcasting software (often free, like Mixxx)
Discord - our primary communication hub
A collection of clean songs to play on air

At TruckStopRadio, our playlist spans from the 90s to the latest hits, including pop, dance, country, and rock. We have permanent slots open for rock, trance, and dance enthusiasts.

The minimum commitment for a presenter is just two (2) hours a week.

What's in it for you?

A vibrant community
An ever-growing team
A broad listener base
Active Discord engagement
New friendships
Participation in exciting giveaways
And much more!



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