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Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by djultra, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. djultra

    djultra Member


    No pay just voluntary if you or someone you know that's interested in joining us please feel free to leave a comment or inbox us :):)
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  2. Rick Hart

    Rick Hart Member

    Saw your post very interested in being a part of this opportunity being presented at this time, I have a program is call Friday Nite Heat Radio. Presented By KangoBlackHouse Its a Friday Nite Program which features live interviews upcoming artist with great commentary & providing the Hottest Underground Music etc. give me some more info email me KangoBlachouse@yahoo.com

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  3. Tom Lawhorn

    Tom Lawhorn New Member


    We are interested in your show, but it said your email address wasn't found.

  4. DJ cy

    DJ cy New Member

    Hello, I am very interested in being apart of your station, I am 14 years old and can play 80's, alternative, emo, and alternative rock. I am looking for experience and my email is owenchugg24@gmail.com

  5. Claire

    Claire New Member

    Hi, I am seeking some information on behalf of a friend of mine who is looking to become involved with radio..He is very keen and has a very charismatic voice.. Tony has been an extra in short film and is looking to expand his opportunities in radio.. I would be grateful for any opportunities that could assist him ...King regards Claire. Freeman ..clairefreeman@y7mail.com

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