We're hiring radio presenters.


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HighLow Radio is opening its doors to new presenters from anywhere? Think you have the attributes you need to become a presenter at HighLow Radio? Well apply today at https://highlowradio.co.uk/apply

So, what are we looking for in a presenter? Here at HighLow Radio, we are looking for volunteer presenters that understand at least the basic knowledge of internet radio presenting. We are not looking for the best, or highly skilled and are welcome to new DJ's, however, if you are skilled within this trait, you have a higher chance of being approved.
We are looking for presenters with a strong library of clean, high quality music that has been legally obtained to play on air, along with good speaking and presenting skills. Presenters will be required to have a minimum broadcasting time of 2 hours on air, and must be able to maintain a professional attitude.

All our presenters will be broadcasting from home and require a minimum connection speed of 1MBPS (Upload). To increase the likelyhood of getting accepted, check out some of the recommendations on our website over at: https://highlowradio.co.uk/apply

Discord: http://discord.highlowradio.co.uk
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