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Hi I have hosting with access to the Control Panel of Centova I have used many of the widgets which work fine. I was wanting help with some html code to add to show my stream online / offline so I could add an image to in as this isn’t a widget on Centova currently. Any help would be great

well, you could use this html code and replace the "yourstationname" with yours:

Server status: <span class="cc_streaminfo" data-type="server" data-username="yourstationname"></span><br />

and load the javascript before the /body tag at the bottom of the page. replace "your streaming server+port #" with your web stream url :
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="https://"your streaming server+port #"/system/streaminfo.js"></script>

btw, this is the "stream details" widget. If you want to display like a off air pic and a onair pic after your page loads, it can be accomplished with jquery after the page is loaded.

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It was different few days ago,not so compact and there was FB plugin,listeners could leave some comments..

Try now. We forgot to overwrite the redirection to our custom start pages from centova's old ones during a recent update.