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Note: I am NOT currently looking for DJs or on-air talent. Once I'm ready for that, I will create a separate post.

I am looking to start a community-based radio station here in the Framingham—Metro West area. A station that plays "oldies" or what I would classify as the music of my youth (pop, rock & Top 100 from the 1970's through the 1990's). Plus it would have a community aspect to it. From interviews with local artists and bands to daily news, weather and traffic reports. The one twist that would be added is that we'd focus a lot on kindness and ways to promote kindness in a less-than-kind world. Help would include things like social media, graphic design, web management, curating playlists, and other behind-the-scenes jobs. Interested? Please send me an e-mail and we can have a conversation. Thanks!
Hi read your post I been a dj clubs pubs radio dj it's great you opening a station 1970 through 1990s I play from 50s up 90 plus all music up to date I'm old school I play cds vinyl it's great look forward tuning in to your station Stevieb