1. A

    How to modify icecast default live stream mount point

    Adding a new mount point for icecast is trivial. But is there a way to set a new mount point as the default? I would like to switch mount point ‘live’ to ‘somethingelse’ - and have it recognised by players as the default live stream (and ‘live’ to return code 404). :-)
  2. OnlineAudienceHosting

    Radio Website tips

    At Online Audience we have made many Radio station website and apps for radio stations all over the world. We would love to share some tips with you. A stunning design is one of the most important features of an excellent radio website. At the very first stage, while thinking over your radio...
  3. twitterautopost

    HTTPS links for Shoutcast/Icecast streams

    Hi all, We have a new service available... We are now providing an HTTPS proxy service that allows you to have a fully HTTPS compliant URL for your existing streaming server. If you have a non-HTTPS streaming server, don’t want to change provider, but need an HTTPS stream link (to use on your...
  4. K

    IceCast Server Broadcast Live WebM

    IceCast Server Broadcast Live WebM Video Vp9 Video & Vorbis 1080p, live Video With A 1000% More Efficient, Is ICEcast 2 typical Server! That means you don't have to run it Wowza, Flash, Java, etc...
  5. Olivier

    Looking for radio stations to test our monetization services

    Hi, We're introducing a new monetization platform for webradios : How it works: We insert pre-roll and mid-roll audio advertising in your stream (no graphic or video ads). Radios are paid on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis. What we're looking for: New...
  6. asantoni

    New Software: Rocket Broadcaster

    Hi guys, I wanted to tell you about the new broadcasting software I just launched for Windows: Rocket Broadcaster. (download here) Rocket Broadcaster lets you live broadcast to your internet radio station (Icecast or SHOUTcast), like you can with Mixxx or BUTT. Some of the useful features...
  7. More Support

    New Servers added! us3 (Fremont, California) and uk5 (London, England)

    We're pleased to announce we have just added 2 new servers to our network: Another London, UK server making 5 in total. Our first west coast server is based in Fremont (California). We now have 3 US servers (Fremont, Dallas and Newark) to choose...
  8. More Support

    Icecast Server YP Directory Settings

    In order to list an Icecast 2 server in our directory you need to add our YP directory settings to your Icecast 2 config file. Centovacast Method If you are running centovacast then this can be done from the Configuration > Settings > Advanced page of the control panel. You must set the...
  9. H

    Listen Links

    Hello, I am currently building an online radio website and would like to incorporate listening options, such as; iTunes, windows media, etc. How do I get my IceCast stream to open up in these different players. Many Thanks Hannah