HTTPS links for Shoutcast/Icecast streams


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Hi all,

We have a new service available...

We are now providing an HTTPS proxy service that allows you to have a fully HTTPS compliant URL for your existing streaming server. If you have a non-HTTPS streaming server, don’t want to change provider, but need an HTTPS stream link (to use on your website or any other platform that requires a secure streaming link), we can provide you with you own HTTPS URL which seamlessly forwards to your existing stream link.

No more broken padlocks on your website due to a non-HTTPS stream!

This service is also ideal if you frequently change streaming providers and don't want the hassle of then updating your stream links on loads of different platforms (TuneIn, directories, etc) as you just have one, HTTPS link which you can then redirect at any time via our control panel.

More at

Thank you.