As content creator with many songs & CDs how can I share them?

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Hi and thanks for this opportunity!

I just finished a very nice classical CD and would like to offer songs to internet radio stations . I have the rights to all the songs. How do I offer my CD to stations?

The latest CD for online use has:

3} Gnossienne, Erik Satie 4} Gymnopedie, Erik Satie 5} Consolation #1, Franz Lisz 6} Consolation #3, Franz Liszt 7} Romance, Ludwig van Beethoven 08} Waltz, Enrique Granados 09} Waltz, Peter Tchaikovsky 10} Waltz, Dmitri Shostakovich 11} Mazurka, Frédéric Chopin 12} Vienna, City of My Dreams, Rudolf Sleczynski 13} Consolation, Felix Mendelssohn 14} Waltz in A Flat, Johannes Brahms 15} Waltz in E Minor, Johannes Brahms 16} Petit Negre, Claude Debussy
17} Flower Duet, Léo Delibes 18} Slvesterlied, Robert Schumann 19} Menuetto, Franz Schubert 20} Allegretto, Franz Joseph Haydn 21} Voi Che Sapete from Marriage of Figaro, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 22} Piano Concerto #23 Adagio, Mozart
23} Lacrymosa from Requim, Mozart 24} Chaconne in F Major, Alessandro Piccinini 25} Sonata in E, Domenico Scarlatti + Schubert's Unfinished Symphony 2nd movement, Bach Brandenburg and Sonata for 2 Violins

But I have 2 other CDs with exciting classical music too, and a handful of World Music CDs as well.

Thanks googols for your time!
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