Classic Rock XL Wants You!!


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Do you have a passion for classic rock and/or newer rock (future classics) and want to work with a hot station? Did you know we work with Universal Music and Live Nation for interviews and ticket giveaways? Do you want to gain radio experience? Do you host live and/or prerecorded?

Classic Rock XL is an internet based radio station in the Toronto, ON area that believes in great music and hard work.

We are looking for live or pre-recorded shows to add to our station.

We have applied for our FM license so if you work hard you will stay on when we become FM and possibly get paid!

Send an email to and get started today!

Dick Lee

I host a pre-recorded weekly classic rock show. I play garage rock form the 60's. I was a member of a 60's band know for their hits of Sacrifice and I Want To Tell You. Therefore, I also interview a 60's band member every week (8-10 min) on the show. If interested, you can hear the chow by clicking on the link below:

Air Date: April 23, 2016

“Dick Lee and 60's Garage Rock from the Valley" is a weekly one hour show that features "California Nuggets: Fuzz, Mod Rock, and R & B Unknowns (1960 -1970) from California's central valley. Take a romp through the 60's with Dick Lee and hear the sounds from the San Joaquin Valley. The show can be heard live every Saturday at 12:00 noon (PST). It can be accessed on you Android, iPhone, or computer. Just type in “KOOL 104.5 FM.” Today’s show features an interview with Jerry Tamburino (John Covert and the Crystal Image - Lodi, CA). You will also hear tracks from The Family Tree (Stockton, CA), The Chosen Few( Stockton, CA), John Covert and the Crystal Image (Lodi, CA), The Crystal Syphon (Merced), The Brogues (Merced), The Brymers (Lemoore), The Ebonknights (Madera), The Bakersfield Poppy Pickers (Bakersfield), Boogyman (Merced), The No Na Mees (Modesto), and The Sedate Sunshine Colony (Kingsburg).

Dick Lee