Hard Dance radioshow for your station

DeeJay Froggy

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Greetings to you.
I'm Claudio Alberti DJ, and I'm looking for a radio station that would be willing to broadcast my one hour radioshow named Consolle Culture.
It's a mixed radioshow with the new UK hard dance tunes of the moment and a lot of vocal jingles. It's recorded and produced once a week.
Please answer to this message if you are seriously interested, since I took contact with a few directors that showed interest but the next day they already forgot everything about me... let's not mention the hundreds of emails I sent, without even a little answer.
Thanks in advance.

DJ Emotive

Most of the bigger stations are beginning to realise that the public like variety and have nothing against syndicated programs and podcasts , more so the smaller stations which are demanding 'Live' DJs inevitably cannot cover slots properly and have no consistency, they cannot keep the better talent on board and are on a hiding to nothing, so as you say Best of Luck. Claudio keep up the good work there are lots of stations out there who appreciate talent so keep at it.


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Emotive. You must of assumed I was saying "best of luck" in a sarcastic way. But now. I was genuinely offering him the Best of luck.
We have a fairly full evening schedule of live presenters. Who enjoy their time on air. (Including myself) we do it for the love and we have a fully interactive audience. That's why we stay "live" to respond to requests and shutouts. .

I wish Claudio all the best in his quest for syndication.

DeeJay Froggy

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OK, I'm sorry if I didn't finish to explain what are my real intentions.
I do really believe in a radio station first of all as a community, and for this reason I record my show once a week in order to broadcast it on my own, and to chat with the listeners while the podcast goes on air.
I do not want to do a syndicated show on more radio stations... I just want to find ONE station and be part of that single project, also by spreading the word about the other shows of the station itself.