Hey me again

I have got evered and am playing music and its all regaristing but when I open the links that open media player ect it wont play any idea what Iv'e done wrong thanks


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Yes you appear to be connected and i can tune in and hear you music. The problem is that you are streaming in Ogg/Vorbis format. This is fine but a lot of media players don't support Ogg/Vorbis. You should really broadcast using MP3. Change these settings in your encoder and you should be fine :)
Vista - Edcast

Hey Peep's

Just a quick note - whenever you install anything on vista - right click and run as admin !

Otherwise you loose all your station settings and have to manually enter them each time.

Does the same on shoutcast dsp too.


Hi , i just got a flatline - stream exists but no sound ?

Do you have the lame mp3 encoder on your system ? edcast does not come with it ! only supports it.

Try downloading the lame encoder from here LAME MP3 Encoder

when installed you will prob have to do a system restart for it all to configure then try running your stream again

Just a quick line of thought - make sure edcast bitrate is the same as your server - if your server is set at 64kbs and you have edcast at 128 or any different from server it wont work.
Make sure the encoder bitrate is the same as the server.
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Think the problem is that Vista don't have anything called “Stereo Mixâ€￾, don't have it on mine..

Suggestions about what to do .. mmmm install windows xp :rofl:

You can download different programs but they are not free, you could also try to set up an virtual harddisk on your pc and install xp on it, worked for a friend of mine but not for me :(


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You were streaming in MP3 but it appears that you are streaming silence. In the 'Input' tab of your encoder make sure you have selected what you want to stream (i.e. you playlist) as you could have this set to line in or mic. Let us know how you get on.