Hey me again

All working

All working fella at last we got there !

My setup for external mixing is :

Technics Sl1210 mk3 x 2
Gemini Mixer
Kam KCD500 Cd Decks

When I am feeling lazy I use virtual dj or sam broadcaster for playing playlists

;)glad its working:eek:

Laptop running windows vista - winamp and shoutcast dsp for encoding or edcast
Laptop spec - 320gb harddrive and external 1tb hardrive
4gb ddr ram
just factory spec not added anything to it lol !
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Thanks every one

Hey Rollin thanks will be in touch about wat equ is best and send u wat i was thinking of using and can u tell me if it will work seeing wat ur using not sure if it will have u got an email address on ur radio site
Hey rollin can u give me details of ur set up what equipment use and software operating system ect thanks sorry for the truoble:)

got it ur going to kill me lol it was because i had the live on all the time. lol
real sorry guys i am really great ful dor all ur help have more question but leave them for next week lol

ps Rollin can u double check that sound is coming through thank

Radio works for me :dance: