How do I ban IPs from my ShoutCast Server ?

Discussion in 'FAQ' started by Support, May 12, 2009.

  1. Support

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    Click on 'Admin' in your Shoutcast servers control panel.


    You are then directed to your Shoutcast servers 'Status Page'. Next, click on the 'Server Login' link in the top right hand corner of the page.


    Next the servers login box will appear. The username to login is 'admin' and the password is the same as your control panels 'Administrator' password.

    Once logged in, across the top of the servers 'Status Page' is various administrator options. Click on the 'Ban List' option.

    You can then ban a single IP or an entire subnet address from within this section. Just enter the IP address that you wish to ban or the subnet address of the entire subnetwork that you wish to ban.


    *ICECAST USERS - Unfortunately with Icecast servers it is not possible to ban IP's yourself from within your 'Admin' page. However, we can block any IP's or a subnet for you ourselves. So please contact us here if you require this on your Icecast account.

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  2. DJ-SirDuke

    DJ-SirDuke Banned

    Need more COMPLETE information on this subject

    Need more COMPLETE information on this subject. Like EXACTLY how do you ban a IP addy & or how do you ban a whole subnet ???? I about fed up with the whole sub net AKA RIPE Network. Thank You

  3. Support

    Support Level 1 Support Staff Member

  4. Chubby

    Chubby New Member

    RIPE bots

    I've got this mob now on IP
    I had 4 of them on the other day and a dutch one...where I believe, from their website is where their HQ is based.
    I don't really understand their function, all I know is they're sucking my bandwidth
    Does anyone else have the trouble with them ?
    I tried to follow the steps to ban 82.69.101 on my server admin, but that keeps coming back saying I need an insecure path or similar to be able to log in??
    Any help greatly appreciated
  5. General Lighting

    General Lighting Super Moderator Staff Member

    we get them on PVR but its a big server with a lot of bandwidth so they aren't causing a massive impact.

    If I caught them on VFR (which isn't that well advertised to be fair though still gets genuine listeners nevertheless) I'd be more likely to take stronger action.

    I can't work out what the point is, unless they are either hoarding the shows to listen to elsewhere (such as a location where there is not good broadband connection) or working in conjunction with copyright feds (compare it with what feds in UK and USA are doing with the entire Internet).

    if they are Dutch IP's let me know what they are and I can do some investigation though even then they often just point to a data centre somewhere in NL with little extra info.

    One "suspicious" (UK) IP I saw on PVR turned out to be simply an apple mac in a "new media/startup" office that was left connected to the stream and presumably fed loudspeakers to the building...

    Don't however get too paranoid and try and do things like a previous poster suggested and block the entire RIPE allocation or you will lose all your European listeners!
  6. Chubby

    Chubby New Member

    Hi Alex thanks for reply
    I didn't make a note of the Dutch IP at the time, but I will be on air later so if it re-appears I'll let you know.
    I used utrace to find out about the RIPE mob anyway
    So do you think they've been employed for a bit of licensing policing maybe?
    I take your point on the IP banning, I might try it anyway for a couple of days.
    But I suppose being a "bot" it would just pick me up again as soon as I took the ban off.
  7. General Lighting

    General Lighting Super Moderator Staff Member

    RIPE are not the "bad guys". They just happen to be also based in NL (even though their name is a French acronym!).

    Although not part of any national govt they do the same sort of job as Ofcom or Agentschap Telecom or ARCEP but instead of allocating telephone numbers and radio frequencies to a variety of users, they allocate IP addresses that are used in the EU countries.

    If you are in the UK whether you use a small ISP or British Telecom or Virgin, the IP range will show as allocated by RIPE, then you can go to the RIPE database at RIPE Network Coordination Centre to check which company it belongs to.

    But blocking "all RIPE addresses" is like setting your barn alight because there is a rat in it.
  8. Chubby

    Chubby New Member

    Ok, I've recently changed my BT package and I've just realised they appeared on the day my new contract started.
    Also if I start my server with no source connected they are not there.
    As soon as I connect my source with no music (edcast) they appear. Then 10 seconds later a 2nd one appears same IP and if you leave it 5 mins a 3rd one appears.......I'm not paranoid honest !!
    So it could be BT are checking me out via RIPE to see what my usage may be, as Im on a new contract etc?
    It's just a pain when you realise you're spending your time and money to entertain humans and all you're doing is entertaining bots!!
  9. Chubby

    Chubby New Member

    Further update . I put their IP number in RIPE and they come up as Zen internet an ISP provider?
    Theyre in Moss Bridge Road, Rochdale.
    So are they actually able to steal my bandwidth, along with other non suspecting internet radio servers, and combine it to drive their servers??

  10. Support

    Support Level 1 Support Staff Member

    Hi Chubby,

    Whats your username for your radio server please? Could you please email it to us or mention it here so that we can take a look over your account for you. Cheers.
  11. Chubby

    Chubby New Member

    It's CRD Sounds and chubby
    I'm not broadcasting at the moment, but last night I connected my server and source and within 2 minutes of the source connected, three uk "listeners" appeared all with ip, which we know now belongs to ZEN an ISP in Rochdale UK
    I then disconnected my source, and left them "listening" to nothing in the hope they would give up
    They are still there,...they've been connected for 18hours and 22 minutes thus far.
    I might not bother to connect any music in the future as I can get an audience without it !!
    If someone was stream ripping, as suggested by a return email from you last night, would they want 3 different feeds?
    I was obviously ignorant of stream ripping until now, and if it's something we have to live with thats ok, at least now I know what it is even though we have to pay for it.
    But all this does seem a bit strange to me that they'd want to have 3 lots of my "nothing" feed.
  12. JudgeJoey

    JudgeJoey New Member

    That happens a lot

    Hello to you out there and a very Interesting topic you brought up.

    are they all on the same IP Address? Cause i have been told this a few times,
    they may be in an Internet cafe listening to an internet radio station, so when you go
    into an Internet cafe, they are all on the same IP address. Unless it is a static IP which means
    they may not be able to change that. The Choices you have, Update the server, or Turn off your server
    for 20-30 seconds tops which means, you have cut your audience off from tuning into your Live stream / show.
    It is best advised that you check your settings before you attempt to do that. Or go to somebody that is more experienced in that type of field. Hope this has been a help to you.

  13. Chubby

    Chubby New Member

    Hi thanks for your reply.
    All 3 show the same ip address, it must be a boring cafe cos ive not had any source connected through
    my server since yesterday and they are still "listening" to me.
    I've just been back on my control panel and theyve been listening to nothing now for 20 hours and 23 minutes!!
    The coffee sales there must be up to be keeping them awake!!
  14. Support

    Support Level 1 Support Staff Member

    Digging a bit further into the logs the user agent (player) being used is "MPEG%20OVERRIDE" which is common for web based flash players. Its also common for multiple connections to be made from web based flash players when in reality its only one listener. This is a bug we sometimes see.

    The fact they stay connected often could well be a tab left open. I'm sure lots of people leave many tabs open at once for days on end, I know i do! The flash payer could be trying to connect hence when you go live they automatically connect.

    We suggest you don't fret over this too much. Speculating on who an IP belongs to is unlikely to help. According to the statistics the ip has only used 107.4 MB to date which works out about 10p at most in bandwidth costs.

    We notice no banned IP's in your shoutcast admin area. Would you like us to ban their IP for you ?
  15. telabadmanwot

    telabadmanwot New Member

    if your not streaming anything, other ppl prob are not tuned in. you could use your stream to communicate with them and ask them to disconnect, or you could have some fun with them.
  16. Chubby

    Chubby New Member

    Thank you for looking into this for me and I understand now what could be happening.
    I looked 20 mins ago and they were still there and 10 mins ago they dissapeared....after 1 day 12 hours ish
    I've tried logging into the server by entering "admin" and my password, but it doesn't seem to like it.
    Maybe because I'm not sure what an "insecure manner" means..switch off firewall??
    I think maybe we'll leave the banning for now and see how it goes.
    It was just very odd the way they appeared ..and the same ip's. I never get people connecting that quick anyway.
    Time to fire up the jingles and see what happens.
    Many thanks again
  17. Chubby

    Chubby New Member

    That did cross my mind about having fun, but as you saw from my last reply it all seems to have gone away.
  18. Support

    Support Level 1 Support Staff Member

    No problem at all.

    Are you using the same password as what you use to log into your control panel? We just tested this for you with the username as 'admin' and your control panel password and we were able to log in fine. In your control panel click on the 'Server Administration' link and then sign into the 'Admin Login' on the right side of the statuspage using those details.
  19. Chubby

    Chubby New Member

    I've worked out why I couldn't get into it.
    I was cutting and pasting password from a document I have the password on.
    When I just typed it in instead, it allowed me in.
  20. General Lighting

    General Lighting Super Moderator Staff Member

    No, British Telecom will not bother you in this manner unless you are hogging bandwidth and/or doing something seem as "bad" like sharing copyright material or other illegal stuff. A 192k audio stream is nothing these days. They barely have the resources to keep the Internet working as it is!

    its not impossible to get multiple connections from the same IP, someone might start listening on a portable device inside their house, then switch to a laptop or desktop or Internet radio, or they may indeed have left a tab open in the hope "something might happen".

    There is a French programme which can dynamically update your metadata without changing the audio (I've mislaid it on the hard drive or I'd share it here). or you can do this via Shoutcast. That way can also screws up rippers (but also your shoutcast audio recording) as the file is all split up into pieces..

    I do it sometimes to give "shouts" to foreign listeners, though if cars ever start being built with IP radio receivers built into the main display (though I think thats a few years away yet!) I'll voluntarily stop this practice as thats why you're not allowed to to "clever" things with RDS.

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