Introduce Yourself

My name is Bradley Simmonds (B-Man) and I have a unique fortnightly radio show that I produce out of New Zealand. The show is syndicated across over 20 stations in NZ, Australia, UK, the Caribbean and the US.

The show is dedicated to the 80's and 90's and has music, TV themes, movie quotes, retro ads and a bunch of trivia.

The shows have done well and I have even hit number 1 on both the 80s and the 90s Mixcloud charts.

I also sometimes manage to get famous artists on the show. So far I have had the following guests

- Tania Doko from Bachelor Girl
- Carol Decker from T'Pau
- DJ Sven from Holiday Rap fame
- Mark Gable from The Choirboys

I hope to get more great retro artists on the show in the future.

I have a solid following and was wondering if any station out there would be interested in playing the show?

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

Here is the Mixcloud link

Many thanks