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Hi, Im 'Support'. Im not real. 8) I exist in far away tubes inside the internet cloud. ;) I can help you with your support queries and make your radio station better. :nerd: Once registered you can start a thread and contribute to the forum.

While you are here why not tell us a little about yourself and what you use internet radio for :
Gary...retired psychology professor. I use my internet radio as a bedside unit. I like to listen to astronomy, science, news, and nostalgia radio stations.


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Hey, Hi!...

here. I'm a journo and digital marketer and into a plethora of weird things. Now, deejing in Internet Radio located in the heart of the Americas with lots off cool classic rock, to the most and fierce extreme metal acts and broadcasting from Panama City, Panamá.

Rock On Online Radio have for now 3 active podcasts with specialized programing

La Hora Del Bicho
La Hora Del Cholo Metal
Alienígena Musical

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Listen us on Spotify and Sticher too.

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Dave Chimny

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Hey, I'm Dave! Great to be with you. ;-)

I was born in 1979 and live in Wiesbaden, Germany: Here I’m employed as desktop publisher in an advertising agency. In my spare time, I’m DJing and creating music since 1995. For more than 15 years, my radio show Ganorium Voyage is provided as syndicated content to stations based in Germany, England, Netherlands, Mexico and many more.

In 2017 I created a radio station GANORIUM Radio focussing on the Trance genre for sharing my favourite tracks with the world.