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CooFM Internet Radio

Hi Guys BarryC aka The Disco Duck actually just Barry. I have been running my site for several years,(probably the oldest DJ in town). I actually saw The Beatles live when they first started:p. I do it coz I luv music. Recently a friend ( ) and I started a website to try to help people like us share live programmes on each others sites, take a look. I live in Fuerteventura and at the moment stream to a station in London and Quebec. So it works:)
I also broacast on our local FM station

I have recently signed up with IR to see how it goes will be using it for first time tomorrow. So wish me luck


Nice to see you on the forum - am sure everything will go well for you tomorrow.
I'm the master of dreams!!!

I've got the most chilled out station anywhere in the world (until mum comes in to the studio with with the hoover)

i make all my own tunes and its good fun.

Peace and ove to you all. Sail with me on the ship into the sea of tranquility some time


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I'm Rab Brogan, Ive recently set up Apollo Radio UK. Quite new but getting to know the ropes now. Im currently using "Listen to my radio" simply because I was unsure what I was doing at the time of setting up and opened an account with them and "Internet Radio". I've since then relaised that Internet Radio seems to be a much better deal so I'll be starting to use my account as of Tuesday. Ive already got listeners in Brazil, US, Russian Fed, Japan, France & Germany which I'm quite chuffed with, however I'm still only getting 1 or 2 listeners at a time, need to do more promotion, only problem is Im kinda on my own just now so planning looking for other DJs in other countries.
Loving internet radio, seems a big step from my community radio station days when we scraped together enough to but an FM licence for a month and most of the time by the time we got to the end of the street, we lost the signal, now I'm broadcasting all over the world! Technology eh?
Feel free to email me and chat, would like to gain from the experience of you guys.



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Welcome rawandunplugged / thedreamstream / scorpio4646 / MiVo / powermixfm / retrofm dj rio / SunriseFM.

Great to have you and everyone else onboard. 8)


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Hello All

Hi there

My name is Philip based in Ireland Northern that is as in Northern Ireland I am hoping to start my own station called memoryfm playing all kinds of music that may just bring back a memory to you, hence the name memory FM we will not just be playing oldies but any type of music. After all music is a great thing for helping us remember good times, sad times all kinds of times music will be the memory.

Had a look around the boards and everybody seems very friendly so here is to my asking loads of questions at times to get set up and running.

Thanks in advance for any help given.

One note though I build websites for a living and if you need a website built at a very very reasonable price let me know and I will see if we can do something together.



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hello my names jeremy

im from the central coast aus and i am coming at you from
ROCK fm playing this big and small hello poeples :)


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Hello everyone, i'm Junior, started the net radio thing so my brother and my dj mates can play Old Skool online, pluse we play out at clubs and do Old Skool style AcidHouse parties and i make tunes mainly Acid/Techno.
I'm here in London enjoying the net radio thing.
Our "station" is called The Analogue Flex Analogue Flex


Essex Radio

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Essex Radio

Hi, I am Jamie and we launched a new internet station on 29th November 2009 to bring back one of the old heritage names Essex Radio.

Its been quite a learning process but Internet radio have been very helpful and it was less complicated then I thought.

Hope some of you may take a listen
Kind regards



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Hey guys whats up! My name is John, along with my brother Dan, I am the founder and broadcaster of Fooch Pro Radio.

Were from Melbourne Australia. We have always been inspired by music, and wanted to build a net station and feed songs to people who also share the same love and passion for music.

We are 100% Ad-free and play from a large range of Dance, Top40, Chill Out, RnB, Club and heaps more.

We aim to be an all request net station, and allow the audience to help build our play list.

We always on the look out for broadcasters who'd like to help the site become a full 24 hour 7day a week site!

Check us out, let me know what you think...
feel free to contact me if there's anything you guys might be interested in doing with the site?


John :rofl:


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Hi, I am PowerMix FM. We play all kinds of muzik.
We invite you all to join us @ PowerMix Fm Now Loading...

My kindest regards to all.

We changed some stuff and we are back !!!
Hi, I am Jim from PowerMix FM. We play all kinds of muzik.
But mostly we play trance,hardcore,techno,breakbeat,dance 24/7.

We invite you all to join us @ PowerMix Fm Radio

My kindest regards to all.


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Hi everyone,

We've just launched a new station called ''The ALT'' -, even though it's early days we're going from strength to strength.

We play a unique blend of current alternative tracks, up and coming artists alongside tracks that you haven't heard for a while...going right back into the brit pop era.

We've just been listed on the ITunes directory, the 5th entry in the alternative rock genre which is fantastic. (although not necessarily for our bandwith costs!!)

If you're an unisgned band looking to get exposure, get in touch either via PM or via the website - We'd love to help you out.


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Hi All, I am Cynic aka DJ Cynic 8) and I own and operate Retro Rock Radio broadcasting from the wonderful country of Thailand. If you like Classic Rock, then hit us up and if you see me online say Hi!


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Hi from Telford, Shropshire

I am quite new to the Internet Radio broadcasting scene, and am very much in the dark about most areas.
My station is "(MMIR) Mannering Media Internet Radio" is broadcasting 24/7, still working on programs and building content...but it's getting there.
I think my production/studio facility will be OK for all my needs, and i am streaming direct from my server/PC.

The station software i am planning to use is...Broadwave for streaming, and RadioBoss as the station controller.
The streaming is linked to my webpage at Mannering Media.

Alway welcome help and advice, any questions about anything else... just ask.

hi from Cornwall UK

hi guys just a quick introduction , my name is John Forster
i created and host hauntedcornwallfm and it has been going fior just over a year and a half now,
we have become one of the premier paranormal radio shows in the world,
however we arwe always looking to expand so any ideas would be greatfullty recieved

stuart graham

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stuart graham

hello im stuart graham time machine tachnician ,google search, i,ve got two netbooks one is zoostorm freedom netbook 10-270 250gb harddrive 1gb memory my other is a packard bell dots netbook intel atom n450 160gb harddrive and 1gb memory i have 2, 1 gb three dongles 2 t mobile dongles and a 02 1 gb dongle downloaded internet explorer 7, 8.9 11 and 12.5 fire fox and fire fox 4 google search google chrome slim browser a few others i have a toolbar called stuart graham its front page is called my internet phone is called zte f102 i read it was a time machine on google search i have a facebook account called lawrence patterson


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Good Day,

I got by Mr. Midwest and i run and online station that runs 24/7 Non-Stop Midwest Hip-Hop. i look forward to building and learning from some of you vets in this internet radio world, i am fairly new to it. But please check out my station and give any feedback that you can :bow: