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Hey folks,

I'm Andy, from around the (very cold just now) Edinburgh area. I've done bits and bobs both online and Commercially.

Finding the forum a great place to bounce of other people.

Currently you can catch me on Radio NRG each weekday from 6am so if you fancy a little tune in please do so. NRG – Today's #1 Hit Music Station

Cheers!! & Happy foruming..(I hope I've just invented a new word there).



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My name is Justin and I'm looking to start my own online dj broadcast or work with someone. I have some experience on the air while at the same time I use "Sam Broadcaster" program for my mix list and such while broadcasting, but sadly I've forgotten how to get set up. Could someone help me

DJ Richie D

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My names Richard, I'm 39 ( old I know) and from Milton Keynes.

I have recently started BroadStar Radios website and hope to soon start broadcasting on the airwaves.

I was trained by my partner whom has been a DJ for 24 years.

I'm a former internet radio DJ looking at getting back on the scene after a break of a year or two after working with a station which we both left due to various circumstances.



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Hi everybody :)

My name's jessica and from ny.nice to meet u all and say hello to all.i love music and internet radio.


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Hi everybody

My name's jerick and I'm from finland.

Have had some experience with internet radio the past 2+ years and wanted to try and have a station myself.

Main reason is my love for music and I have a lot of dj friends who need a place to play
Hi I'm Daniel, I've had experience with FM radio for a year now. I'm 16, from Birmingham UK and present/produce a 2 hour sports show and have done weekly. I joined this forum hoping I could get some advice and help for the future.

Here's a couple of old shows, I have improved since these.
Watch Sports Lounge episodes on Blip

Recently I started interviews and there should be one on this Ex-Footballer's page if you scroll down.
The Official Website of Peter Withe

Daniel :)

Twitter: @dhraza


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I'm Anwen, half pirate, half welshie, Marketing Director, and Go-fetcher for Bridge Radio FX.
I have Dj'ed online for about 2 and a half years now, and I'm almost getting the hang of it. Bridge Radio FX doesnt take itself too seriously, we just want people listening to have a good time and a smile. The team comprises internet Djs from all over the world, broadcasting live to the internet as well as in the world of SecondLife, showcasing some brilliant independent talent from Second Life and hoping to build our following in both worlds.

Awesome to meet you all, there is a lot of talent here!


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New to all this

Hi my name is Zoe I'm from a place called Cleethorpes in the United Kingdom, me and my partner Pete thought why not make our own radio station because we love music so much and we want to entertain and meet other people around the world its been so hard to find listeners and we only been doing this on and off for about few months now and we newbies in this we aint got any experience in radio we both doing volunteer jobs and have this to do too we enjoy it but just trying to promote ourself.

All our links are below in the signature if you wanna listen, follow, join & email
Hope to hear from you



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Salut a tous!! je m'appelle Philippe je vis prés d'Albi (81) France.
Mes radios favorites sont plutôt : hardstyle, dub
voilà pour moi à bientôt
freshradio liverpool

hi were freshradio liverpool a new station that has just started out im john the station manager and owner and have actively been a dj for over 20 years in various bars and clubs this is my second attempt at internet radio

Soundz Radiouk

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easy all my names scruff and i run been running it for just over 3years seem to be busier than even at the moment as the years go on. never really use forums but thought id jump on see what the crack is. is a internet based and fm based radio station in the london/kent area playing all types of sexy dance music
freshradio liverpool

we are freshradio liverpool we have been around now since june 2012 and are loving it once again i myself the owner used to have a station a few years back retrofm playing 80,s and 70,s hits but due to work commitments the station closed up and a few years break was taken however im back and absolutely loving it the listener stats are looking good and the social media aswell as general web presence is taking off nicely however we are always looking for dj,s why not drop us a line say hi and make any suggestion you wish in how we can be better than we currently are