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Hello friends

This is Mangesh from Mumbai. I am into live streaming/broadcasting since last 4 years though not exactly an expert as far as radio technology is concerned. Hoping to learn a good deal by interacting with you guys :)


F109 Radio

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Hey Everyone:

My name is Andrew and I run an internet radio station in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
I've been up and running for almost a year now and have enjoyed quite a lot of success so far.
Looking forward to an even better 2016, and connecting with the internet radio community.
I hope to meet a lot of you in the coming weeks and months.



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Hey folks.....I'm Jason and I'm pretty new to the whole internet radio thing.....I'm using Radio DJ software and love it....all seems well so far.....if someone could take me under a wing and help me set up some news, gossip, sports type content to add to my show that would be I say I'm a newb so patience would be great.....


Papa Bear

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I want to congratulate and thank all the DJ's for bringing us the best music out there. You'll make me very happy. Gracias.

Mike Perry

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Hello to all. My name is Mike and I just recently found this site. My radio background includes about 10 years as a news and sports reporter/broadcaster at stations in central and western IL. Have worked as a sports information director and public information officer since my last radio job in 2010. Currently at a crossroads professionally and I'm considering a return to the job I enjoyed when it didn't require me to be at work before 5:00 a.m.


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Hello, I'm Des, based in London, UK. I'm new to broadcasting, having joined at its launch a few weeks ago. Whilst it's a lot of fun, I have much to learn!


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Hi, I'm new to this site so you will just have to bear with me while I find my feet.. Hubby and I are looking at getting back into doing a radio show if possible. We used to do a couple of shows a week on Radio 40pus until it had to close down. We are in the UK and both work full time so this would be something we would like to do at a weekend, just one show would be great. Anyone got any ideas on how we could do this? thanks, Alison


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hi all
am DJGiggles have been djing online for a couple of years,djed on a friends site that got closed am now doing my own site with a radio for dj's and for music lover's,the site i run is not just about music it's about making friends and of course having ago in our arcade :)

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