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The bitrate is 128 kbps. :)

Hmm thats odd, I thought you were going to say '64 kbps' after listening to the stream, it didnt sound that high. Cutting that tree down with the chainsaw at the weekend without ear protection WAS a bad idea. Hahaha.

Are you using any pre broadcast or sidechain processing???


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Nothing. It isn't possible when your're streaming at Radionomy at the 'regular' way (not live).

I have to deal with the default settings, can only leave out the too bass-heavy tracks.


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Hello everyone have a soulful day

Hi everyone. Just writing my 1st post and here to find and share useful info. Radio presenter and broadcaster. If you like your soulful new and old tunes then pass by sometime and fill ya boots. Check out my syndicated UK Soul Chart show that goes out across a global network of stations. UK Soul Chart or any of my other live shows.


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Hello people!

Hello people!
My name is Stoyan and i'm from Bulgaria. I am a former DJ. A year ago we created a radio station - oriented music from the 90s. (Dance, Euro Dance, Trance) Glad to be here.
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Hi my names Konner, i live in Orlando Florida. I'm a dj on BAM-FM, i play all 90's music. Thats about it come check me out i play every Sunday!

For updates Like us on facebook



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Hello All,

My name is Alympia and I work on the technology side of broadcasting (internet radio included) doing research and analysis and am looking forward to taking part of the great community here :).

Al Stewart

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I'm mostly a writer but I also the chief advisor / controller at a new internet radio station (I don't think I'm allowed to post the name here). I was in local radio for 12 years but that was before the internet took off so this is a kinda new experience for me.
I love all kinds of music but I'm a sucker for Jazz 8)


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Hi To One And All

Im scotty68 from the UK mad web designer and love gfx etc. I run a few sites/forums as i love it so much.
Im an x pc engineer now at home all day due to being disabled with health issues i suffer from FMS.
Love music all kinds but love my rock the best and symphonic goth metal stuff, also love good old smoochys
im 45 years old so been around music for a few years. I ran sam broadcaster a couple of years back on a forum i had and loved it, used to do discos in my younger years. Looking to help someone out by volunteering as a DJ
also can help with sites to etc just ask and see what i can do.


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Chances Radio Online

Hello everyone, I am the CEO and Founder at Chances Radio, we are an online radio station that only plays independent artists music from hip hop to rnb. find out more, if you like on our website HAVE A NICE DAY ALL :)


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Hi guys, I'm Sketkh.

I'm an actor in NYC and I created and produce a live radio theatre show here in New York, The Pulp Variety Streamcast.

I hope to get to know you all more, the show is about to premiere an adaptation of Kill Shakespeare, based on the Graphic Novel from IDW publishing.

Look forward to spending more time here.


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Hello my name is Ryan Lowery

Hello my name is Ryan Lowery I work for Aramark in Chattanooga TN but I just started listing to my own music from Three Dog Night to Madonna and many others if you need a DJ that just started let me know I do have a Skype and Facebook k.

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Hi, kids. My name is Paul and I just wrote one of the longest 'about me' entries I think in the history of the internet.... well, I'm sure there are longer ones on the dating sites which were probably all lies anyhow. I just started my own internet station featuring classic rock. <Sigh> you all say, yeah I know. I've been in the classic rock game most of my life, but the 'classics' are REALLY getting to be classics by the time my next birthday rolls around! Anyhow, hope to make a few acquaintances on here. Just don't cross me up 'cause I've been known to put many people I know in my novels.

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I am a journalist and former politician. My media company has been commissioned to set up a news & current affairs radio station for a client which is why I am here to get ideas and learn from those that actually know what they're doing. I used to work in radio production many years ago in the days when carts where physical NAB cartridges that you had to insert into a machine, everything was analogue and we edited recorded interviews with a razor blade.

I am not completely set in my ways and there is hope yet that I will be able to operate in the digital world.

Best Regards, Stephen
Hampshire, UK.