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Dear InternetRadio community,

Have you ever wanted to share your voice, creativity or just rant on air to a growing fanbase?

About us: We are a new fast growing online music platform that promotes, books, manages and scouts new and upcoming artists. Our main tool will be through the use of our online radio platform and social media pages. Our shows will vary from new music discovery to talkshows and interviews, the station is based in Amsterdam but you can work from anywhere even from home provided you have the equipment. The Amsterdam International Radio (AIR fm) shows will be in English.

As we have expanded suddenly and unexpectedly we are now looking for radio hosts to present a variety of shows this will become your own personal show within the AIR fm brand and platform. You will have the choice of show genre and we are flexible and open to ideas and will help you in shaping the show. If you would like to be a part of this platform please email us at or and tell us why you are interested.

If you have a fragment of you presenting that we can listen to or if you already host your podcast please attach the file or link to the email.

Thank you!


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What equipment would you need and would you have to be based in Netherlands or can it be anywhere?

As long as the audio quality is good we do not have a preference on equipment for a mic the Rode Podcaster is a good choice for example. Most of our shows are prerecorded and therefore you also do not have to be based in the Netherlands. Email us with your inquiry at and we can chat further. If you are applying to be a host we suggest that you attach a demo to the email.

Looking forward to hearing from you!