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Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by Dawsey, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Dawsey

    Dawsey New Member

    Hi, i love playing music and hosting professional sounding like shows but As I'm 10 I don't have much official experience but as my dad is an entertainer and a DJ I have a big interest in Presenting and DJ'ing. Earlier this year I used to host my own radio station but if I was able to join a station I would be prepared to stop doing my radio for this instead. As The Broadcasting Service I Used To Use For My Radio Has Now Shut Down I'm Unable To Give An Example!

    I Love Playing 80's 90's 00's 10's And Now Dance And House Music And I Am Also Able To Present Links And If Not Already Provided Make Some Jingles For Your Station For Free!

    I Have A Fully Working Mixer With A Mic And Many Other Audio Inputs.
    As I'm Only 10 I'm Still In School But As I Live In The Uk Im Currently On My Summer Holidays, So In Order To Do This Over The Summer Holidays And For The Rest Of The Academic Year My Only Slots Would Be On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday And Friday All At 4 PM UK Time to 5:30PM UK Time. I Might Have To Adjust Some Time Slots Due To Other Commitments For The Rest Of The Summer Holidays

    I'm Very Interested In IT So I'm good at being able to resolve any technical issues promptly and smoothly

    I Hope To Be Able To Join A Station Soon
    From Dawson
  2. DJRambo

    DJRambo New Member

    Wow. Young guy for 10 years old. i would have started my own shows when i was 12/13 but never found the courage for it

    Best of luck to you dawsey
  3. Diversity

    Diversity New Member

    we are seeking non experienced and experienced radio DJs / presenters to join this great fresh station where we're playing a variety of music from the swinging 60s to present.

    Have a look at the website and station. ,


    If you can spare a couple of hours a week then we'd like to hear from you.

    If interested please send an email to
    or Via facebook or the website

    Look forward to working with you.


    Promotions Manager
  4. Johnniepossi

    Johnniepossi New Member

    I like that you know what you want to do, I was the same age when I started looking into radio. Check us out and if you don't have our kind of music I can drop box you enough to do one hour shows;

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