Reggae Radio Show Syndication


New Member
Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum and looking for like minded reggae stations who will be interested in hosting my show Back 2 Basics.
Back 2 Basics has been on air for 10 years on various online stations (Reggae4us.Com, Daflavaradio.Com*, Uniquevibez.Com)
Currently Back 2 Basics is broadcast on Vibes FM 106 Gambia every Saturday between 10pm – 12am and we are looking to extend this service to more stations who are interested

We believe we can give you the best reggae show on air as we have the links to the major music producers that give us music way before the release dates so your listeners will get to hear productions way before other stations thus keeping you ahead of the competition.

We will endeavor to bring interviews with leading reggae acts so your listeners will get to know the artists they love even more.
If you are interested you can request for a sample of my show and I will be willing to provide that