Seeking an active station for a 2 hour show


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Hello there,

Seeking a mature station to do a weekly 2 hour program, preferably a weekday slot between the hours of 6pm-midnight central time. I have over-the-air studio experience as well as internet radio experience, and I run my programming through a small home studio using all of the necessary equipment for a quality sounding show(Full mixing board setup, Shure SM7B Mic, two turntables, dual cd players, cassette and cart players, etc).

A good fit for me would be something established with a core group of broadcasters, preferably with a bit of experience in the hobby to discuss trends, music and equipment. I'd like to use this opportunity to grow my hobby and learn from others, since most of what I've done this far has been self taught.

Looking for a station with a bit of a following, and I'm happy to help with promotion as well. I'd prefer to do a show that revolves around early classic Jamaican music(ska/rocksteady/early reggae from '62-'72), Soul and Funk. I like to play a mix of media, from digital tracks(somewhere around 350,000 tracks) to records and CDs(1500 LPs/45s and 3000 CDs).

I also have plenty of material and experience to do a fun punk show as well.

Not looking for compensation, but a fun group of folks that like to nerd out about broadcasting and music.

Please drop me a note here, or via email and let's see if it might be a good fit. My email is

Thanks for looking!