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Papa Childs

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Hello All,

Apologies, but a bit of a plug for a new Station I've just started! Playing mainly what are the Forgotten Hits of 70s, 80s and 90s, along with some Classic Rock

Currently a Non-Stop Music Channel (No DJs) but that will change soon!

Have a listen and see what you think, any tips/ideas would be welcome!


Twitter @wpm_radio

Email wpmradio@outlook.com

Thanks all!
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Papa Childs

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Hits people have forgotten!! :)

Sorry, it’ll be songs that followed up bigger and more well known songs from the Artist, for example
Tight Fit are known for ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ but we’d not play that, but play ‘Fantasy Island’

Paper Lace are known for ‘Billy Don’t Be a Hero’ we’d play ‘Black-Eyed Boys’

Not obscure tracks, but much lesser aired

Have a listen and I’d welcome any suggestions