You won't belive this!


Cool Cool, I like this, very interactive.
Who should I tune in for? Who's the listeners' favourites? :)
Lol. They are all great :)
Your best bet is to tune into one of the live shows. Check the schedule for info on shows.
Thanks for your interest


TBH if you are based in Peterborough I'm surprised you have not gone for a full community radio license on Band II (which of course would not stop you having your online stream) or teamed up with the crews who are trying this as you are easily professional enough to do so.

I'll admit the music format isn't what I'd normally listen to (I prefer specialist dance music shows) but its all done well and the playout system you have developed is impressive (I spent most of yesterday trying to install Sourceforge Airtime on a VPS I have access to only to find that its not compatible with that build).

As for AAC it gets used a fair bit nowadays, ofen used is to stream to users on smartphones so it doesn't eat away too much at their data allowance, and its widely used by mainstream broadcasters for terrestrial digital radio. I personally don't think it sounds as good as even Band II FM analogue and is only any good for speech, and todays dataplans in most of Europe and many Asian nations will let you often listen to a 192k stream on 3G without breaking the bank.

Some terrestrial broadcasters are trialling using it with DRM on MF and HF bands but I am unsure of its value elsewhere.or how well it copes in real life conditions with these bands swamped by interference generated by modern gadgets. its amusing you should mention CB as until recently some folk still used them but those frequencies are now nearly unusable because of this interference!

Have thought about a community license but we are not Peterborough target based. And there are currently 4 community stations battleing over the area - so not really an area I am interested in. But thanks for thinking of us.


Am I likely to hear Steps, Spice Girls or S Club? Basically I like bands that begin with S only.

Strangest post I think I have seen in a while :)
We play all genres of music. I am sure if you request it - we will play it for you :)
Have you tuned in to us yet?


Well it's been 6 months since I posted my initial message. Thanks to everyone who has contacted us. Some are with us and some are not. We are always interested in new DJs so please feel free to contact us. By the way - still no intention of launching on FM, taking on Radio 1, World domination etc.
Email if you are interested.


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Happy Christmas to all listeners and presenters! It's been a great year of listening to A1Radio. Here's to the next year.


Well how can I get this post back to the top? I know - I'll give you a station update! Well we have had some comings and goings and I am pleased to say the comings have far outweighed the goings! We have a great schedule with some truly talented broadcasters (they prefer that term to DJ's). Check us out :)