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    Oh I have totally forgotten to add that unfortunately our presenters must be aged 18 or over. It's not that we are adult themed or anything but the duty of care implications are too complex to be managed correctly.
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    This is a very important issue in the UK and most other EU countries. Probably the whole world nowadays. If any of your volunteers are below 18 you need child protection policies; even if they are not based at your site (for instance what happens if a teenage presenter divulges too much about his/her home location, breaks a libel/slander law, or is involved in a controversial discussion or situation?)

    In our country (UK) the entire entertainments industry is strongly under the lamp because of unpleasant historical abuse cases as it is.and ironically the more professional a radio station gets the more likely its to be judged and scrutinised

    I have to be CRB/safeguarding cleared for work but its for the 80-100+ age group [ my CRB is clear ]nd at the community station any discussions I have with younger teenage volunteers have to be supervised by one of the Directors.

    Its not that teenagers aren't smart / mature enough (one lad at our community station has totally revamped our website with advanced coding skills; and he even has an interest in analogue electronics) but complying with the rules isn't cheap or time-cost neutral (whole colleges are closing down for these reasons!)

    Anyway if you are still in high school/college then why not try and get your school/college to help you start up a station there? Often they can find the space and equipment teenagers would not always have access to.
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    Indeed General Lighting. The duty of care is too much for me or A1 to keep on top of. Whilst our chat system auto moderates its not infallible and of course can't detect subjects!!
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    After reading your post, thought it needed a bump. Most entertaining thread and I'm looking to get an hour or 2 show maybe twice a week,

    Very eclectic mix from me. Will be tuning in.
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    HI! i am Maskerade A.K.A Tristan Newby. i was wondering if i could DJ for your radio station. I am well experienced dont worry. Go check out my mix on soudcloud to see for your self and will see from there. email:

    yours truly,
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    Soz folks I didn't get any update email.
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    Thanks for your interest. Whilst pretty full in always interested in hearing from any potential presenters.
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    Thanks to those who have been interested in the station. As always we are interested in hearing from potential presenters.
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    Hi again folks. We have spruced up our website now. Anyone interested in joining us please drop me an email
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    Well we have been on air since 2011. Always looking for talented presenters interested in joining.
    Email me
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    Just applied, exciting times
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    Excellent - have responded to you. Look forward to talking.
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    Bump bump bumpity bump, purely because your opening post has a sense of style.
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    When you say log into your system,does that mean use your playlist?..I have done some VT and liners/drops etc for stations,but dont know about logging into systems...thanks

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