1. ZANJ Radio

    Seeking a DJ/ Music Presenter.

    Greetings, we're looking for DJs/Presenters to fill some of our 2hr slots in the week and on the weekends. We are an internet based radio, located in Jamaica. We air and welcome all genres of music (except religious/gospel music) as well as DJ sets and musically curated shows. Please, no...
  2. ZANJ Radio

    Yes, we want a DJ! But,

    ZANJ RADIO, a Jamaican based internet radio station which focuses on delivering an eclectic selection of music, art and DJs. We're seeking responsible, consistent DJs who have an interest in delivering or airing weekly shows. Shows that feature world music sets will be highly favoured. However...
  3. J

    Royal Khaoz "Walk Wid Jah"

  4. J

    " Drum & Bass " Jerry Harris music video

  5. ZANJ Radio

    Jamaican Net Radio Looking for DJs

    Hello, we are ZANJ RADIO, a small but eclectic internet radio station based in Stony Hill, St.Andrew Jamaica. We currently operate on the weekend and are looking for DJs/Presenters who may be interested in having a show on our station. We focus heavily on introducing our audience to music from...
  6. ZANJ Radio

    ZANJ Radio Looking for Guest DJs

    Hello, we are ZANJ Radio, an internet based radio platform located in Stony Hill, St. Andrew Jamaica. We air a wide variety of music and our station focus on highlighting emerging DJs, creative artists, art and music. Currently we broadcast on the weekends beginning on Friday evenings (-5GMT-...