1. A

    Can anybody say jingles forever?

    I hope I'm in the right spot for this, but just wanted introduce our revised site at adjingles.com. basically we been in the business since the 1980s and have seen how jingles for advertisements business products and services have progressed, and we have kept up with those times. I hope all...
  2. GaryT

    Radio imaging and DJ drops produced online, $2.40 each.

    Fully produced sweepers, music promos, podcast intros, radio dj drops and club dj drops. Use our voices or upload your own. Makes a completely unique piece of imaging each time. Download immediately. No commitments. https://imagingthing.com Dear internet-radio.com professionals, It's easy...
  3. K

    Station imaging and jingle producer recommendations?

    Hi all. I'm doing some research for a prospective future radio station and one of the things I'm looking into is the station imaging package. The station is going to need an imaging package (set of jingles), but I'm not really clued up on the producers that are out there, who is good and who is...
  4. Ethan

    Brighten up your station >> Jingles and Audio Production

    Looking for some new Jingles, Beatmixes or a new Voice? Check out Voice Imaging Production. We offer a wide variety of different Audio Production ranging from Beatmixes to Power Intros. Sometimes Audio Production is pricey, however, our prices and packages are suitable for everyone and...
  5. D.I. Aspinwall

    Get Jingles, Sweepers, Promos, and Imaging Cheap!

    Hello all, I'm D.I. from Aspinwall Productions, a U.S. based radio branding and imaging company. If you'd like to get your station to the next level, we can help! Imaging packages start as low as just $4! Take a listen to our work here: Website: http://www.aspinwallproductions.com/imaging.html...

    Brand new Manchester Internet Radio station Launching early September

    Hi Everyone Just to ask if there are any Presenters who are based around the Greater Manchester Area or (north west) who would like to help launch a new station. It is planned as a station to serve Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. Looking for reliable Presenters who would like to put...
  7. Harty

    Affordable one-liners and station IDs from Steve Hart

    Hi. If you are looking for that professional sound for your drops and liners, check out my two great deals here. http://stevehartvoiceovers.com/jingles-for-internet-and-community-radio-djs/ Cheers, Steve
  8. D.I. Aspinwall

    Get Professional Radio Imaging (Sweepers/Drops/Promos/Jingles)

    Want to sound like a big commercial radio station? Hire an imaging director who works for one! Hi, I'm DI, and I am the imaging director for multiple commercial radio stations as well as numerous smaller stations! I voice and produce radio imaging, and now, I'm doing it for just $5 bucks a pop...
  9. D.I. Aspinwall

    Get Professional Radio Imaging cheap!

    Get Professional Radio Imaging for your show! Want to sound like a big commercial radio station? Hire an imaging director who works for one! Hi, I'm DI, and I am the imaging director for multiple commercial radio stations as well as numerous smaller stations! I voice and produce radio imaging...
  10. I

    Station Sweeps, Drops, Jingles, Imaging and Production Service

    Hey all, Having had some time on my hands over Christmas, I’ve had some time to re(launch) my website which offers imaging and production for radio shows, radio stations and podcasters! Just thought I’d throw it out there for those who need some imaging here and there, are looking for...
  11. D

    DJ drops, station drops, jingles and more (VO service)

    Hi there, I'm Dave from the Netherlands, I'm a dutch radio DJ and voice over. Make audio productions for people and stations all over the world! My VO service goes via Fiverr. Do you search drops or jingles for your radio station or program or anything else? Check my service...
  12. Matt Prime

    Looking for dj drops and voice overs

    bluvelvetradio.com is looking for someone to help us with some voice overs, jingles and dj drops if u have experience in doing this please get in contact happy to pay a fee etc or if someone wants there voice on our radio station get in touch
  13. Harty

    Countdown jingles

    If you are a Top 40 DJ then grab a listen to these countdown jingles - available to download. http://stevehart.co/downloads/top-20-countdown-jingles/
  14. Harty

    New voice over site

    Hi guys. Hope you don't mind a little self promotion, but my voice over demo site is now up at www.stevehart.co.uk , please head on over and take a listen. Many thanks, Steve
  15. Peter Flanagan

    Radio Imaging

    Hi All, I am available to produce radio imaging for Adverts, Jingles, Dj Drops and Song Power Intros. I have included a link to some work i've previously done! Feel free to contact me for more information! https://www.dropbox.com/s/v66233v15m3cmok/ProductionDEMO2_mixdown.mp3?dl=0 Peter
  16. Harty

    Top 20 countdown jingles to download

    Check out this top 20 jingle package: http://stevehart.co/downloads/top-20-countdown-jingles/ Cheers!