1. dominickjohn


    TUNE IN TO THE SHIVERY SOUNDS FROM THE EARLY 20TH CENTURY! https://www.mixcloud.com/beatsville/beatsville-radio-presents-halloween-popularis/
  2. dominickjohn


    We're going to give you selections from mind-bending releases you may have missed and those that have yet to be released that will aid you in: Making *strangeness* work for YOU! Yes, you thought you were 'ordinary'? WRONG. So we're here to help you. So listen and learn to Tap into your...
  3. dominickjohn


    Dive deep down into a heady pool of of masterful jazz and blues brought to you courtesy of Mike Armando! https://www.mixcloud.com/beatsville/beatsville-presents-the-unknown-soldiers-of-jazz-and-blues/
  4. dominickjohn


    , Highly educated, musically adventurous, professionally-experienced DJ couple looking for a home for their radio show, BEATSVILLE. Your hosts Mad Daddy and Diabla cover the waterfront (garage, blues, jazz, avant pop, classical, experimental) with their unique theme shows. Prepackaged for your...
  5. Harty

    Cool Nights jazz show returns

    Hi guys, After a 2 month break the Cool Nights jazz show is returning in June. Stations that have taken the show previously have been sent an email to let them know. But if this excellent jazz show is new to you then please hop over to www.CoolNights.co.uk to take a listen to the demo and...
  6. Ben Noble

    Fresh Out Radio - new international jazz with Ben Noble

    This show's all about exploring the global melting pot, sharing new jazz-influenced music from around the world. From Japanese funk to Canadian soul, from Portuguese Fado to Taureg Desert Blues, the global music scene owes a lot to jazz. With our own jazz explosion happening right now in the UK...
  7. Harty

    Smooth jazz show

    Syndicated one hour cool jazz show with a little chat: demo and sign up at www.coolnights.co.uk
  8. geerox

    Soul - Funk - R&B - Old School Hip Hop Presenters WANTED

    We are a long serving internet radio station fully licensed and looking to add to our 40 plus existing DJ/Presenters......We currently have some Morning and Daytime slots needing filled so if you have a passion for Soul-Funk-R&B-Oldschool Classic Hip Hop (70s 80s 90s) then please contact us at...
  9. Harty

    Jazz show available

    The Cool Nights jazz show is available to any licensed broadcaster. Listen to the demo and sign up at www.coolnights.co.uk - cheers. Steve.
  10. 1940s Radio

    An Internet-Radio “Popular” Station, 1940sRadio.Com Needs Covert Presenters on the Front Line!

    We Want You Special ops are on the lookout for presenters to take up front line positions with a Vintage Radio Station taking on a demanding established listener base. The battle ahead will need determinate, commitment and above all: 1. A outline knowledge of the 1940s period 2. A...
  11. S

    Souldennis'Time on Coni-OnAir

    Hello my friend, I present every Sunday a broadcast called "Souldennis'Time" on Coni-OnAir from 8pm to 10pm (GMT+3) with songs from OldSchoolSoul, Soul, Jazz, JazzVocals, SmoothJazz, Bossa Nova music scenes. Today I will also have the pleasure to present a short tribute to Bunny Sigler who...
  12. Harty

    Cool Nights gets a make over - 100% jazz

    Hi guys. If you run a station that could feature a jazz show then the new Cool Nights format will fit the bill. The show is ideal for evening and late night listening and features the best mix of new and classic jazz. There's a movie quiz and plenty of scope for listeners to send in dedications...
  13. B

    Inokashira Park, A reflection of my time in kichijoji

  14. Harty

    Cool Nights, soul and jazz show

    Looking for a cool show for late nights on your station? Cool Nights is a weekly jazz show from Steve Hart. Hear the 3 min demo at www.coolnights.co.uk Cheers. Steve
  15. B

    Japanese Jazz

    Would anyone out there know of any Japanese radio stations that would accept music submissions ? you see, I have recently produced a jazz song with Japanese lyrics, and I am unable to find any stations. Best, Boris.
  16. R

    The Legends Of The Rocking Dutchman

    The Legends Of The Rocking Dutchman is a weekly syndicated radio show featuring pre-Rock 'n Roll African American music, from the first recorded blues in 1920 and African-American jazz, through the Depression years and the war to postwar Rhythm & Blues up to the mid-fifties. It tells the story...
  17. I

    Soul/jazz/funk DJs wanted for internet radio station

    Hi, thanks for reading this. We're a new internet radio station that started in January of this year - we specialize in contemporary soul, jazz, funk, soulful house music and are looking for DJs/presenters to populate our schedule preferably for weekly slots. We don't yet operate out of a...
  18. michael k

    seeking new djs and shows

    Hello 24/7 rb soul disco station looking for additional djs for 2 hours shows, English and also French
  19. S

    Every Sunday Live on Coni-OnAir

    Hello my friends, I am Souldennis from Greece and I would like to inform you that every Sunday on Coni-OnAir , I present my broadcast from 7pm to 9pm (GMT+2) (Athens Time 19:00-21:00). My show includes songs from soul and jazz music scenes. Some of them are rare. I'll be glad to see you on air...
  20. S

    Sound Of PhillySaxRadio

    Hello my friends. I'm Souldennis from Greece and I am a collector of vinyls. I have already created a web radio station "Sound Of PhiilySaxRadio". You can enjoy songs from Soul and Jazz music scenes. Best Wishes http://streaming.radionomy.com/SoundOfPhillySaxRadio