1. B

    New Blues-rock CD for airplay

    My blues rock band Jeffrey David's BLUES CONNECTION just released a new CD Feb 10th if you might be able to play some. Support said to request that on the forums, so... Check out - the video there of Long Cold Lonely Winter is a single from the new CD. You can email me from...
  2. PariahBurke

    Seeking Stations (Net, LPFM, FM): Pro Weekly Rock/Hair Music Show

    SEEKING NEW AFFILIATE STATIONS: Net, LPFM, FM Professionally produced Free to broadcast (for non-commercial stations) New shows delivered Mondays Access to show archives for reruns and filler Affiliates promoted on social media and on-air On-air promos recorded for your station Hard...
  3. Jay Jay

    Simulator Radio: Presenting positions available.

    Simulator Radio is a fully PPL and PRS licensed Online Radio station that has been broadcasting to the online gaming community since 2014. Not only can listeners tune in via our website at but we are also included IN GAME in Euro Truck Simulator, American Truck Simulator and...

    Presenters / Broadcaster / Radio Host / DJ - Hertfordshire

    Presenters / Broadcaster / Radio Host / DJ Cheshunt Radio currently has vacancies for Online Radio Presenters with or without experience in Broadcasting to join our presenter team. Cheshunt Radio is committed to providing quality radio shows to our listening audience. So we are looking for...
  5. J

    I'm dreaming of 5 new DJ

    Innervision FM is dreaming of 5 new DJ's, not like the ones we had before, we need a good voice and happy, full of ideals and a on time DJ, who is drug free all the time. We are dreaming of a great DJ that has 2 to 3 hours free a week! Are you our Christmas wish, listen to what we play and get...
  6. O

    Non-commercial online radio for beginner bands?

    Hi everybody! Recently I've been thinking of creating a non-commercial online radio for beginner bands. I have some technical expertise, can set up a server etc. The problem is the idea hasn't found many supporters so far. Initially I conceived it being targeted on our local bands. I started...
  7. J

    Innervision FM is a Christian base station

    with a twist we play songs by secular artist with Christian theams. We mix rock and hip/hope with a little old school. We are licents and we teach un-sign artists royalties through our nonprofit. Listen and join us:
  8. PariahBurke

    Hard, Heavy & Hair Show Seeking Stations

    I'm looking for stations to carry my weekly 2-hour hard rock and hair bands show, "Hard, Heavy & Hair". This is NOT hardcore metal, death metal, or black metal. It IS hair bands, Glam, 80s metal, and Arena Rock such as Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, KISS, Halestorm, Def Leppard, and Hinder. You can...
  9. E

    Presenter/ DJ Looking For Radio To Join

    Hi I live in the UK i'm 18, I'm looking to join a online radio station to play Pop and Rock music from the 70's to the present day or a news talk show/Podcast. I have worked at two other online radio stations they were Transport For Virtual London bringing Pop music, Talk News and Traffic...
  10. Midlands Metalheads Radio

    Midlands Metalheads Press Teamleader Position

    Voluntary Press Teamleader Position Have you always wanted to work in the music industry and have strong organisational and people skills? Here at Midlands Metalheads, we’re expanding and looking for an enthusiastic, passionate individual with a love for all things rock. We’re recruiting a...
  11. Midlands Metalheads Radio

    Midlands Metalheads Radio Voluntary News Reporter/Blogger

    Voluntary News Reporter/Blogger We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated team player to join our team of digital news reporters to assist an established and busy radio station in delivering the latest Rock and Metal news on our website - and across all our social media platforms. This is...
  12. Midlands Metalheads Radio

    Midlands Metalheads Radio Head of Reviews Teamleader

    *Voluntary Head of Reviews Position* Have you always wanted to work in the music industry or just felt like you wanted to have your say about the latest rock and metal bands, releases and gigs? Here at Midlands Metalheads we’re expanding and looking for an enthusiastic, passionate individual...
  13. N

    Neil Erin - Petals of My Life

    Music & lyrics by Neil Erin contact info: email: hope you'll like it:)
  14. Sean Wilkie

    PULSE RADIO is looking for djs, staff etc

    Hit me up at if you want to dj for a various rock station everything from 60-present and more. Experience is a plus but not required for the right person, though must have Sams, vdj or mix to broadcast and be able to talk on air. Also looking for key staff members to promote...
  15. R

    Hi Lads. Let's listen the new italian rockstar

  16. SnowdropWazHere

    DJ Looking for EDM/Rock slots.

    My names Alex (Dj Name: Snowdrop) and I have been in the djing scene for around 2 years in January and have been mixing Live since mid of last year online and am recently on an online radio station with little to no listeners due to Owners Action (which I can't control) and Would like to have an...
  17. S

    Slinky (demo's from 1977)

    (GoodBey) (I've been a dreamer ) Info :
  18. Vik

    German presenter is looking for an English station

    Rock, hard rock,blues, a bit of this and a bit of that. Handmade music, interviews and a lot of stories to tell. If you are interested please contact me under What else? More than two decades radio experience and I love rules. Rules have to have exceptions! Time is money...
  19. M

    facebook Group

    Hi all We would like to invite radio presenters of rock, folk and blues music to our Facebook group. This group is to unite all presenters and share music, stories, and anything to do with presenting, promoting and just rocking out!! Please...
  20. Quite Great

    Brooklyn band Newborn give new life to rock – new single ‘Gravity and upcoming EP

    “Rock is not dead. Brooklyn trio Newborn released a new single called ‘Runaround’ last week, and it is everything you have been waiting for.! - AXS Magazine “The Coney-Island natives are forging a path for a new generation of rock lovers with a DIY attitude and mainstream accessibility.”! -...