1. SnowdropWazHere

    DJ Looking for EDM/Rock slots.

    My names Alex (Dj Name: Snowdrop) and I have been in the djing scene for around 2 years in January and have been mixing Live since mid of last year online and am recently on an online radio station with little to no listeners due to Owners Action (which I can't control) and Would like to have an...
  2. David Allen

    DJ Looking for Dance Radio Station

    Hi, i am looking to join a Dance radio station, i play EDM mainly and am always looking for the newest tracks to play, if anyone is interested plz reply as i really want to join a radio station. Dave
  3. C

    International DJ looking for a radio show......

    Hello, I am an international DJ looking for a station to mix on. I have done shows all over the world and still currently tour. I have been a DJ for 20 years and mix multiple genres to include EDM, House, Trap and the list goes on. Send me a message if interested.
  4. L

    Looking for an Internet Radio station

    Loko Lokaz here I'm looking for an internet radio station where I can play my weekly mix ''LOKZ Podcast''. LOKZ Podcast is my mix and is more focused onto Electro/Trance stuff, but I play lots of different stuff, specially at the end. I started it around one year ago Have a listen to my mixes...
  5. R

    Trance Radio Stations I Would Like

    Exposure please. I am an individual who would like you to be involved in a new music chapter of my life where I need to go to the next level. With your kindest help I could become the next big thing. In short, I have been producing for some years as a hobbie, however - now it seems to be...
  6. brlmedia

    Edm One is growing, looking for night talent

    Since posting here for talent late last year, we are growing by leaps and bounds! 800 tunein followers, over 200 FB likes, and averaging 1,000 Total Listening Hours a week, Edm One, the internet's fastest growing EDM/Dance stream, is looking for new talent. Our night personality is still with...
  7. AxelB

    AxelB - Falling From You feat VerLan (EDM)

    Electronic Dance Music AxelB - Falling From You feat VerLan Youtube: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/00GYBtxVvCCLErSIBhPMd7
  8. C

    EL Tigre - With out you (EDM - 128 bxm)

    The last release of Nomad Wave by el Tigre ... BE our friend Soundcloud Facebook Twitter More music
  9. Hot Toast

    Volunteer EDM DJ/Producer looking for a radio station

    I'm looking for a radio station that will allow me to play 1-2hr blocks. I'm based in Houston,TX,USA. I'm an EDM DJ that plays house, electro house, progressive house, and trap. I produce my own tracks and have released several of them through Addiktion Digitial Records, all of which are...