1. M

    Looking for Broadcasters!

    Hey! City World Radio Network is based in NYC, but we have broadcasters all the way to the west coast. We are looking for more talent to fill up our schedule! It can be prerecorded, or you can use our studio if you are in the area! For more details, email me at macy (at) cityworldradio.com!
  2. TheMarkOrtega

    Original Digital Christmas Songs

    Hello, We would like to get airplay for our original tunes, “This Christmas Moment,” which is electronic/pop/gospel and “Santa Bring My Love Home,” which is a throwback Diana Ross inspired holiday song. The tracks were released on our independent holiday album called, “A Very Digital...
  3. M

    A great live podcast! New Episode!

    Check it out guys! Think it's really important as a community to help each other! Any feedback more than welcome! Thanks https://soundcloud.com/user-685156117/the-reel-show-s2-ep-1-desire-luxury-clitoral-vibrator
  4. M

    Great live podcast looking for a home!

    Listen to a snippet of our new episode and see if you want us first! https://soundcloud.com/user-685156117/the-reel-show-s2-ep-1-desire-luxury-clitoral-vibrator
  5. I

    Station Sweeps, Drops, Jingles, Imaging and Production Service

    Hey all, Having had some time on my hands over Christmas, I’ve had some time to re(launch) my website which offers imaging and production for radio shows, radio stations and podcasters! Just thought I’d throw it out there for those who need some imaging here and there, are looking for...
  6. The Big Scoop with Coop

    The Big Scoop with Coop

    Hello everyone my name is Michael Cooper aka "Coop" the host of The Big Scoop with Coop. On my show my guests speak about how they started in their career, their success, give advice on how to get started in their career and more! A lot of my guests are well known and some you will get...
  7. M

    Upcoming show looking for experienced advice and guidance.

    Hi there, Since we started our show we have gained a lot of respect to anyone who can fill time live. We are just asking for some advice. What's our show lacking? I know we have something but I know we are missing a lot. Your advice would be appreciated. We are young and just want to...
  8. bgf1981

    Podcasting Presenter Needed

    I'm in the process of launching a Audio show on a podcast network featuring Exclusive Artist Performances & Interviews. M/F Presenter needed but must be a music lover (preferably with an Alternative/Rock background) & available to record in a Central London Studio. Unfortunately this is on a...
  9. E

    wanna play house? cutting edge mixologist seeks radio attention

    LINKS TO MIXES PROVIDED BELOW (please bear with me!) LOL Hello Earthlings! I am Eric, aka DJ EPhunk. I have no experience in a club or on radio, but that does not mean I don't have the heart and soul of your favorite disc jockey. I have spent the past 17 years cultivating my craft as a bedroom...
  10. M

    Looking to Volunteer for Internet Radio.

    Hello, I'm currently a Podcaster (You can listen to my podcast on http://goddessvault.podomatic.com) and I am currently a Creative Writer for a local radio station. I've also done some announcing or hosting (Whatever you want to call it) in the past, but I haven't lately. I would like to brush...
  11. Midlands Metalheads Radio

    Volunteer Music Reviewers For Midlands Metalheads Radio

    Role Title Volunteer Reviewer Main Point of Contact James Hemming-Keen, Reviewers Manager Click the E-mail below to get in touch recruitment@midlandsmetalheads.com Read More Here http://www.midlandsmetalheads.com/review-recruitment/ Purpose of Role To assist the radio station by writing...
  12. Lee Barber

    Need a new show/presenter? Get in touch!

    Need a new show/presenter? Get in touch! SO! My names Lee! Hello. I'm 22 years old, and about to launch a brand new radio show this summer, which thanks to a few connections, will be heard on a variety of FM, DAB and online stations across the globe. I've been involved in media, radio...
  13. OMG Radio

    Syndicated Content - Talk (Suitable for Radionomy)

    Anyone know of any sources of Podcasts/Syndicated Shows - suitable for broadcast on Radionomy ? For anyone not familiar with the Radionomy platform, due to way the platform licences it's content, it is not possible to upload a 'whole' file that contains both music tracks and speech as each...
  14. Harty

    New Zealand property news

    Hi. I am currently producing a weekly news podcast on New Zealand real estate. Straight news, no ads or hidden agendas. Duration is 4 to 7 minutes (ideal for those with an audience in New Zealand and Australia etc). Anyone is welcome to download it from my site (new podcast every Friday), and...
  15. ThreeB

    Two hours long monthly vinyl show "Pulse" looking radio stations

    Forgotten beats, lost melodies. Beyond time, beyond mind. This is Pulse, hosted by composer, DJ and filmmaker Bela Banhegyi a.k.a. 3B. The first episode: https://www.mixcloud.com/threeb/pulse-1-episode/ Contact: pulsethepodcast at gmail.com Thx and peace!
  16. David Hernandez

    Professionally Image your station or podcast. I'm on Fivvr

    https://www.fiverr.com/audiorocks I'm a seasoned radio pro with the skills and the zips, zaps, clicks, trips, flips and who dats to make your on air branding conquer! Sweepers, IDs, Quick Hits, promos, sponsored elements. If it goes on air and needs to be imaged - I'm your guy! check me out...
  17. Rising Soul

    Rising Soul Sessions - Podcast

    The first edition of the Rising Soul Sessions is now available on Soundcloud, Hearthis and Mixcloud for you to download, stream and listen to whenever you want, wherever you want on mobile, tablet and desktop! Our opening show is just the beginning of a series of radio shows aimed at bringing...