world music

  1. Todorrica

    Todorrica - Bazar [Live/HD]

    Heavy Balkan music by Todorrica:
  2. Todorrica

    Todorrica - Train [11/8] (Scoring Spaghetti Western)

    Train by Vladimir Todorovic, as a score for Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) Music: Kovács Imre (violin), Vladimir Todorović (guitar, cajon) More Todorrica:
  3. ZANJ Radio

    Interested in Joining ZANJ RADIO?

    Interested in Joining ZANJ RADIO? Hello, everyone! We are currently seeking DJs, Music Presenters or Selectors who may be interested in joining our station. As we are a music based station (95% of our content is music or music based) we are looking for music centered programs/shows. If you're...
  4. ZANJ Radio

    World Music Station from Jamaica, are you interested?

    Hello, we're ZANJ RADIO, a 24/7 web-based radio & world music platform streaming global, eclectic easy listening music Monday to Fridays and radio shows and DJ residencies on the weekend. We're located in Stony Hill, St. Andrew (parish) Jamaica. We are currently seeking to add DJs, Music...
  5. P

    Jazz, Folk or World Music

    I already do jazz, folk and world music programmes on the internet - but sadly two stations have recently gone under. If you'd like to broadcast my shows just let me know - you can hear an example at (this is one of the more way-out programmes) or get in touch and I'll send...
  6. ZANJ Radio

    Seeking a DJ/ Music Presenter.

    Greetings, we're looking for DJs/Presenters to fill some of our 2hr slots in the week and on the weekends. We are an internet based radio, located in Jamaica. We air and welcome all genres of music (except religious/gospel music) as well as DJ sets and musically curated shows. Please, no...
  7. ZANJ Radio

    Yes, we want a DJ! But,

    ZANJ RADIO, a Jamaican based internet radio station which focuses on delivering an eclectic selection of music, art and DJs. We're seeking responsible, consistent DJs who have an interest in delivering or airing weekly shows. Shows that feature world music sets will be highly favoured. However...
  8. PinkHampster

    Kwali Kumara & Pete Ardron - Exalted - new album out now

    Orchid-Star's Pete Ardron has come together with singer, snake and fire dancer and Kundalini instructor Kwali Kumara to produce an album which wears 2 hats equally comfortably. Each track is built round an 11 minute repeated mantra delivered in such a way that they can be used easily in a...