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dazw. 03:00 Uhr Nachrichten

Genres: misc baroque blues

Audiophile Baroque

Johann Sebastian Bach - Goldberg Variations No 21-30, [Christophe Rousset clavicembalo]
Genres: baroque

Italy Classical Radio

Giovanni Battista Sammartini - Sinfonia in A major from 39 Mehmet [1pES]
Genres: classical baroque chamber


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 16Il Sogno di Scipione, KV.126
Genres: symphony piano chambre baroque classical


Eugen Jochum&Berliner Philharmoniker; - 04 A.BRUCKNER-Symphonie Nr. 7 E-dur-Finale, Bewegt, doch night schnell

Genres: classical symphony baroque

Classical Gold

Frederic Chopin - N 14 opus 48/2 en fa diese mineur
Genres: classical opera baroque


Unknown - Num 18 [1aCj]

Genres: blues baroque easy listening


Ludwig van Beethoven - Schubert Piano Trio No.1 in B flat D898: 2. Andante un poco mosso
Genres: symphony piano chambre baroque classical

About Baroque Music

Baroque is a form of western music which was composed during the 17th and 18th centuries and followed the renaissance music era. Baroque music introduced the use of tonality which is where music is composed in a particular musical key which would set the foundations for the classical music era that would follow it and musical composition as we know it today.

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