Psychedelic Radio Stations

We have 14 radio stations playing Psychedelic.


Eisley - Louder Than A Lion
Genres: psychedelic

East 7th Street Radio

Limbus 4 - Dhyana

Genres: psychedelic

Psychedelicized Radio

Kensington Market - I Know You
Genres: psychedelic rock

24-7 Legends

Led Zeppelin - Achilles Last Stand
Genres: psychedelic

24-7 Psychedelic Rock

Move - Yellow Rainbow [Ga]
Genres: psychedelic rock

Psybient Sunset on

Mystical Sun - Fahrenheit Project Part Three - Blue Magnetic Ocean
Genres: psychedelic trance spiritual

Latesurf Psychedelic Radio

Tyrannosaurus Rex - Elemental Child [dRB]
Genres: psychedelic


Everon - Ghosts Suite
Genres: prog rock psychedelic


Sofa Beats - Selections by Master Margherita - 02 - Master Margherita & Pineal - Nepalesio (Spring mix) (2017)
Genres: chill psychedelic worldbeat

Downtuned Radio

Babel Trio - Liar World
Genres: psychedelic hard rock garage rock


Autopilot - Rishi - A.I.R. (All is relative)
Genres: psychedelic trance

Radio Time-out - Trance

ReOrder-guestmix-radio-timeout dec 2018
Genres: trance electronic psychedelic

ERS - Early Rock Show Radio

Focus - Hocus Pocus
Genres: prog rock psychedelic rock

SpiritPlants Radio: Turn on. Tune in!

Psychedelic Lectures - Dr. Thomas Roberts - Psycho-Tech [1KmH]
Genres: psychedelic

About Psychedelic Music

Psychedelic music (or psychedelia) is a broad term which encompasses a vast range of popular musical genres which are inspired by psychedelic culture. Psychedelic music first originated during the 1960s in the uk and us rock scenes and was intended to replicate or enhance the effects of psychedelic drugs. Psychedelic music may include psychedelic rock and pop through to psychedelic trance and techno.

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