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DI Radio Digital Impulse - Pulsar Recordings Trance

Pulsar Top 10 - Spring 2014 [ecn]
Genres: trance

Anima Amoris [Goa Psy Trance] 160 MP3

Blinston - Twisted Brain *
Genres: trance psychedelic dance electronic experimental

Richi Dance FM

Alvaro Santis - Peak Rush (Original Mix)
Genres: dance house trance Trance Channel

Paul van Dyk - VONYC Sessions Episode 724
Genres: trance electronic trance

Trance-Energy Radio

ZeroMusiX - ZeroMusiX - Dreams (Extended Mix)
Genres: trance

CYB trance fm

Dj Tiesto - Trance Energy X-Mix 2007 (Party Mix) (Techno)
Genres: electronic techno trance minimal

DI Radio Digital Impulse - Asian Trance Festival

Asian Trance Festival 6th Edition - No Comment [1KP5]
Genres: trance

DI Radio Digital Impulse - Rik Tights Trance

RT (Rik Tights) - Getting High On RT 010 [23sl]
Genres: trance

Anima Amoris [Dub Techno Mix] 320 MP3

Pep Gaya - Puerto Valarta *
Genres: techno dub trance electronic chill

OM Radio 2

Valdi Sabev - In My Heart
Genres: ambient trance house

Star 98 - Classic Rock & Trance (broadband)

Steve Earle - The Seeker
Genres: classic rock trance


Airwave - In The Mix 087

Genres: dance trance house

DI Radio Digital impulse - Victor Special Trance

Victor Special - Motion of the Planet Episode 126 [1VVA]
Genres: trance

TrancePulse - The Mixes

The History Of TrancePulse Guest Mixes
C-Systems - TrancePulse Guest Mix (August 15th 2020)
Genres: trance dance electronic progressive

JR.FM Network

Aly and Fila - Future Sound Of Egypt - 662 gundamea vs stoneface
Genres: electro house trance

DI Radio Digital Impulse -Vocal Trance

Maria Healy - Dreamer (Extended Mix) [22ib]
Genres: vocal trance

VKNET Radio Station 2

O-Zone - Nu Ma Las De Limba Noastra...
Genres: trance techno dance

Anima Amoris [Techno] 160 MP3

Shkval - Down *
Genres: techno trance electronic alternative experimental

World Revolutions by

Raul Ramirez - Sur La Tabla
Genres: worldbeat trance electronic


captain hook -40 ozora festival 2019 -5Bfull set movie-5D -5B128k - 5D
Genres: psytrance techno trance

About Trance Music

Trance is a form of electronic dance music (edm) which originated in the 1990s. Stylistically, its tempo can range from 130bpm up to 160bpm. It also often features repetitive melodic phrases and a musical form that progresses with a crescendoing nature. Musical tension is created in trance as a track will build up and down and often features some form of a mid-song breakdown. It is known for providing its a listeners with a huge sense of euphoria.

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