Breakcore Radio Stations

We have 3 radio stations playing Breakcore.

Breakcore Mashcore

Breakcore radio. Tune in at our website or in Telegram
Gnomcorps - Great detrimental terror-attacGnomcorps
Genres: breakcore mashcore futurecore lolicore

Nautic Radio - Beats 'n Breaks - drum and bass,jungle,dubstep,brea kcore,frenchcore,tekno,e xperimental,8bit,uk-hard core,industrial,noise,hi phop,disco,hardcore
Genres: drum and bass jungle dubstep breakcore tekno

Main Stream

Generative web radio broadcast based on Icecast2, Sonic Pi, Pure Data, Pyo
Track 09 2838697347
Genres: breakcore idm algorave experimental

About Breakcore Music

Breakcore incorporates elements of jungle, gabber, hardcore, techno, ragga and idm. Breakcore is very dynamic and fast paced, often with very complex drum patterns and edits based around the use of the famous amen break.

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