Goth Radio Stations

We have 20 radio stations playing Goth.

Radio Gothic

Beseech - (03) Silverstar
Genres: heavy metal hard rock goth

Hand of Doom Radio

Black Tomb - Swine
Genres: heavy metal hard rock goth

Decennial Gothica Radio

Within Temptation - Roses [4gh]
Genres: gothic symphonic goth

Acidic Infektion

Desconhecido - Suburbia 28 03 2017
Genres: industrial goth post punk

Gothique - WildCat

Dark Princess - The World Ive Lost - Everlasting Pain
Genres: goth

Abnormally Dead Air - Radio From The Grave

Inkubus Sukkubus - Hecate Cerridwyn
Genres: goth

radio.XES - Gothic, Darkwave, Electro

Stahlsector - Danger Of Epidemic
Genres: goth metal misc


Genres: industrial aggrotech dark electro goth - Very Dark Alternative Radio

Giant Waves - Scornful
Genres: industrial goth industrial

radiotwinight/greyskycas ting

Various Artists - Your Last Salute (Air Forge) [aEJ]
Genres: goth

Hexx 9

skinmelt - Charmed [ufl]
Genres: electronic freestyle goth

Radio DarkFire Germany

Bon Jovi - Dry Country
Genres: electronic world folk goth

radio.XES - 56 kbps - Gothic, Darkwave, Electro

Stahlsector - Danger Of Epidemic
Genres: goth metal misc


Luther Barnes; Luther Barnes & The Sunset Jubilaires; The Sunset Jubilaires - Thank You for Mercy
Genres: goth

Podunk Radio

Dog Company - For Our Friends [tyg]
Genres: punk goth talk


Genres: goth

[All Dark Styles] Radio Metropolis one

Doro - For Love And Friendship
Genres: goth

Dark Mind Radio

Persephone - From Within
Genres: metal goth progressive metal

Order Of The Dragon - Alternative Radio

Ostara - Divine Wind
Genres: goth

Ciudad de Cuervos
Genres: goth

About Goth Music

Gothic rock (or just goth rock / goth) is a form of post-punk and alternative rock which came to be in the later half of the 1970s. The goth genre eventually became a separate movement from the punk rock scene in the 1980s and developed into its own subculture and fashion. Musically it had a much darker sound than that of punk and featured synthesisers and darker introspective / romantic lyrics.

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