Jpop Radio Stations

We have 12 radio stations playing Jpop.

J-Pop Powerplay

ORβIT - Bull's Eye
Genres: jpop

J-Pop Sakura

Every Little Thing - Ainokakera
Genres: jpop

Asia DREAM Radio - Japan Hits

BE:FIRST - Spin!
Genres: jpop

J-Pop Powerplay Kawaii

Sonoko Inoue - 恋におめかし
Genres: jpop

Animu Radio Brazil - Brazil's most moe radio!

Kokomi Shiina (CV: Satomi Satou) - Harerukana | Girlfriend Beta
Genres: anime japanese soundtracks game jpop moe idols song requests

Otaku Music Radio

DOES - Donten
Genres: jpop

JPHiP Radio

Puffy - Jet Keisatsu
Genres: jpop kpop cpop hip hop pop rock asian music

Raito - Maximize Power! (Under Night In-Birth)
Genres: anime jpop japanese soundtrack

Tsubaki Web Radio

Unspecified description
Genres: anime openings endings ost japan japanese jpop jrock

Radio AMC

Shaman - Distant Thunder
Genres: anime game jpop jrock japanese soundtracks otaku geek

Big B Radio #JPOP

Da-iCE - Naimononedari
Genres: jpop

shadowfr69 Radio

Japanese webradio (Bemani/Konami, Touhou and Original works)
Demetori - 春色小径 ~ Rest In Peace, Saith The Lord.

Genres: japanese anime soundtracks game jpop vgm ost

About Jpop Music

J-pop is an abbreviation for japanese pop music. As a musical genre, j-pop fuses the western musical influences of rock and pop with traditional japanese music. J-pop made its way into the mainstream music of japan during the 1990s and the term often now refers to most contemporary popular japanese music.

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