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Rockhitz FM
Genres: rock

Radio Am Bad 2

Radio Am Bad Dein Supermix. Jeden Tag, den ganzen Tag. Egal ob 70er, 80er,
Loopers - Im Odd
Genres: charts pop rock soul rock n roll vocal jazz oldies 70er 80er

Radio UNiCC - einzig, nicht artig ... -

Student Radio Chemnitz, Germany
Genres: student radio alternative rock pop mixed

Shaka Maui Mix
Genres: rock

Bonzo Rock Radio

Bonzo Rock Radio - Bloque Historico - Divididos - Parte 2
Genres: rock indie soul disco funk alternative electronic


Playing all Waiheke music, all the time
Oyawa - You're an original - Won't even try to scale it
Genres: rock - KLKO

Genres: any rock


Christian Evangelical Radio - Християнське євангельське радіо
Genres: christian pop rock


Jubilee Marisa - Johnny Forever - 2022
Genres: hits pop rock reggaeton Classic Hit Oldies

Bobby Vee - My Girl/HeyGirl Medley
Genres: rock pop oldies

Radio Eloy

Genres: rock

Star 98 - Classic Rock & Trance (dialup)

Deep Purple - No No No
Genres: classic rock trance

Pure Rock FM 89/WONC (MP3 16kbps)

Student-run radio from North Central College, Naperville, IL, USA
Genres: college rock alternative classics2cuttingedg e vintage classic

Radio S.O.S

Ser Otro Ser
Genres: rock

Eagles - Peaceful Easy Feeling
Genres: classic rock pop 80s 90s

City Clube
Genres: pop rock

Granazi Radio

Black Mountain - Set Us Free
Genres: stoner prog rock pop

This is my server name - Powered by

Genres: rock

Forbiden Radio

Motley Crue - Punched In The Teeth By Love [msY]

Genres: rock

Palace Radio

Bob Welch - Sentimental Lady
Genres: classic rock

About Rock Music

Rock music is popular genre that first originated as rock and roll in the 1940s and 1950s. By the 1960s, it had developed into a number of different styles. Originally, it was a combination of rhythm & blues and country music, but by the 1960s it had began to incorporate elements from blues, folk and jazz amongst other influences. Rock music is primarily centred around the electric guitar and usually with a backing group of electric bass, drums, vocals and sometimes other instrumentation such as the piano and synthesizers.

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