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We have 203 radio stations playing Metal.

Metal Rock Radio by Sonixcast

P.O.D. - Alive
Genres: metal rock heavy metal

Sick World Radio

DECREPIT BIRTH - Hieroglyphic
Genres: heavy metal

Bear Metal Radio

Simulacrum - Embrace The Animal Within
Genres: metal

Metal Devastation Radio

Eyehategod - .001%
Genres: metal

Death.FM - A Brutal & Beautiful Blend of Black, Death, Doom, Goth, & Gore w/Requests

Drown In Blood - Addicted To Murder - Purification Of Flesh (3:28)
Genres: metal extreme black grindcore

Abash the METAL Stood m/

Pantera - Medicine Man
Genres: heavy metal

Progulus Progressive Metal Radio

Sirenia - Lethargica
Genres: progressive metal heavy metal metal

Radio Gothic

Tragodia - (04) Love Among the Ruins
Genres: heavy metal hard rock goth


Anthrax - Zero Tolerance
Genres: heavy metal metal - 128k 3G/4G - 235,000 tracks of the best 80s rock and metal

Stratovarius - Black Diamond [Demo Version]
Genres: 80s metal rock

Rusty Leather Radio 91.9

Saliva - Always
Genres: hard rock grunge metal

Hand of Doom Radio

Stangala - Neus Ket Dremmwel Hiviz
Genres: heavy metal hard rock goth


Running Wild - Fight The Oppression
Genres: heavy metal

Metal Messiah Radio

Dio - Sacred Heart
Genres: death metal

radio.XES - Gothic, Darkwave, Electro

Parralox - Eye In The Sky Sirius (Extended)
Genres: goth metal misc


Slayer - Love To Hate
Genres: metalcore heavy metal industrial


In Flames - Us Against The World
Genres: heavy metal


King Kobra - Hunger
Genres: hair metal


P.O.D. - America
Genres: metal

Violent Forces Radio

Hammer Witch - The Witching Hour
Genres: thrash metal heavy metal punk

About Metal Music

Metal (or heavy metal) is a form of rock music. It originated in the late 1960s and early 1970s mostly in england and the united states. Although its roots originate from blues music and psychedelic rock, heavy metal developed a much more heavier, louder and distorted sound with an emphasis on extended guitar solos and more upfront drum beats. Heavy metal lyrics and the presentation of the music are of a much more aggressive nature than that of other forms of rock music.

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