Metal Radio Stations

We have 71 radio stations playing Metal.


A Breach of Silence - Hollow Grounds
Genres: metal

Rebel Radio

Sebastain Bach - What Do I Got To Lose
Genres: metal

BadRock Hard & Heavy

Unspecified description
Genres: metal

Progulus - Online Progressive Rock Radio

Jeff Green - On This Night
Genres: prog rock progressive progressive metal

Death.FM - A Brutal & Beautiful Blend of Black, Death, Doom, Goth, & Gore w/Requests

Modern Age Slavery
Genres: metal extreme black grindcore

La Grosse Radio Metal - Hard Heavy - From Paris -

La Grosse Radio
Edguy - Space Police
Genres: metal hard rock heavy

Metal Messiah Radio

Execration - Nekrocosm
Genres: metal

ChroniX | GRIT®

Tankard - Grave New World
Genres: hard rock metal

Nuclear Rock Radio

Weedeater - Truck Drivin Man
Genres: metal hard rock classic rock


Dio - Killing The Dragon

Genres: hard rock metal classics Live

Moments Till Fall - Transparent M3
Genres: metal punk

Twisted Tower Dire - The Curse of Twisted Tower
Genres: metal heavy metal hard rock

Rock Now Radio

Rock Now Radio Live
Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues
Genres: rock metal jazz blues

BOLLOCKS Rock & Metal Radio

POD - I Won't Bow Down
Genres: metal heavy metal goth

RadioU: Battery

Silent Planet - Antimatter
Genres: metal

Insane Realm Radio - IRR

The Naked High - Jewel of the Crowd
Genres: heavy metal

repubblic rock radio

Def Leppard - Let`s Get Rocked

Genres: heavy metal hard rock rock

Castle Blakk Radio

Odious Devotion - Pure
Genres: heavy metal

Maximusrock FM

Welcome to MaximusRock, a station where you will listen to 24 hours of the
Disturbed - Fear
Genres: metal alternative rock rock hard rock heavy metal grunge gothic rock punk

The Foundry

Butcher Babies - Axe Wound
Genres: heavy metal

About Metal Music

Metal (or heavy metal) is a form of rock music. It originated in the late 1960s and early 1970s mostly in england and the united states. Although its roots originate from blues music and psychedelic rock, heavy metal developed a much more heavier, louder and distorted sound with an emphasis on extended guitar solos and more upfront drum beats. Heavy metal lyrics and the presentation of the music are of a much more aggressive nature than that of other forms of rock music.

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